Monday, June 9, 2008

Why a Blog?

By now many of you know Michael was diagnosed on his 40th birthday with a very rare, aggressive form of prostate cancer. Unlike the more traditional form of prostate cancer that affects many men after the age of 50, this cancer is much more difficult to treat. There are very few cases of this type of cancer reported in the medical literature (probably less than 100 cases), especially in men Michael's age. This type of cancer is called "Sarcomatoid Carcinoma of the Prostate". His diagnosis came early in May 2008, after being seen by the Urology Dept. at the University of Michigan. A week later we found ourselves at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a second opinion. Michael took a liking to the surgeons there and liked their attitude, "let's get this thing out". The surgeon's nickname in the operating room is "Commando", "he takes things out that most doctor's won't tackle" said his peers. That's the type of Doctor I would want to take care of me. So here we are two weeks after our initial consult, back out at Mayo, ready to tackle this cancer head on with some of the best help in the world. Michael has already received the unfortunate news that this cancer has already spread to his liver. We will find out tomorrow if this metastasis will be able to be removed with surgery. Michael's surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, June 11th. The surgery will be 6-8 hours long and have up to 4 surgeons trying to remove this tumor. The tumor is next to bowel and bladder as well as involving the prostate. There is a good chance that these surrounding organs will need to be removed to provide the best possible long term survival in order to gain control of this cancer.

The purpose of this blog is to help keep all of our family, friends and co-workers as ACCURATELY informed as possible. We will try and provide daily updates for the next several weeks. We know many of you have Michael and our family in your prayers and appreciate all the support, in so many different ways, that all of you are providing our family. Please pass this blog site along to others to help keep everyone informed and follow Michael in his Journey.

Dawn Estelle


gail said...

Hi, Michael,Dawn and family,
We, here at the office, are praying for a speedy recovery. You are foremost in our thoughts and prpayers while we are here "keeping the home fires burning"! (You may need to hurry home with the fire extinguisher!!) haha
Ruth, Lisa, Lisa, Carrie, Pam, Dave and Gail

Tammy said...

Dear Michael and Dawn,

We want you know that we are here for you praying with caring hearts. We are forever, old friends who will never give up hope!


Todd and Tammy Seidell

OBShell said...

Dawn, Michael and family-- We are thinking of you here in the OB Dept. We are wishing you well. We sent Beth (Beth and Pat are heading out to drive to see you right now) with a big hug from us.
the OB girls

John and Wendy Frye said...

Michael and Dawn-
John and I are praying for you and your family. You were so supportive when we moved here, PLEASE let us know if we can return the favor (John makes a mean chicken noodle soup!). Post Michael's room/address if you can.
John and Wendy Frye

Nuzhat Ali said...

Dear Michael and Dawn,
I will always remeber you guys in my prayers. May God give you the strength to fight this .
Never lose hope coz you have tons of people out here who are praying for you and your family.
Prayers can do miracles.
Dawn, Plz. let me know if there is anything I can do...just call!
Hope things go well today
Lots of warm wishes and prayers

Renee' Elias said...

Dear Michael, you are lifted in our thoughts and prayers for a complete successful recovery! You are so blessed to be surrounded by so many that love you. A special novena is being said in your name. Prayers move mountains. With much love, Renee' and Brian Oliver

Karen Storey said...

Michael, Dawn and Family,
Your family in the U.P. send their love, prayers and support to all of you. Keep strong.

Karen and Frank
Aunt Monnie and Uncle Charlie
Chuck and Kim
Kathy and Steve

rnowicki said...

Hi, Michael,Dawn and children:
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God uplift you and give you the support that you and your family needs during this very difficult time.

Chris, Renee, Natalie-HIM transcription

jan said...

Michael, Dawn and family: I am visualizing Dr. Commando bombing that blasted tumor and making you well and strong. Your attitude is amazing, Michael, and I know it will be what helps you during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I will be praying for the "master's" hand to guide Dr. Commando with His healing powers. I love you.

Dave said...

Dawn, Michael and Family,

You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God watch over and protect you!

Dave and Shawn Butka

Margaret A. said...

Dear Michael and Dawn-You can do this! My children and I will be keeping you in our dinner and nightly prayers. You have chosen your positive attitude and I know that you will be blessed by the creator for that choice.

With all love and good thoughts,
Maggie Cotant and Family

Linda said...

Stay strong and know that "God holds you in the palm of his hand".

You are missed and loved.

Linda Eastwood

Patrick McNamara said...

Michael and Dawn
I know life can be very scary not knowing what to expect after you wake up from surgery........ALWAYS stay positive, it helps your body stay strong to FIGHT.... always remember we are all here for you, whatever you need, no matter what.....and as said many times, our thoughts and prayers are always with you......

Pat McNamara

sallison said...

Dawn and Family,
You are all in my thoughts and prayers, especially Michael. I will pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Always remember Dawn, faith is a very powerful thing!

Susan A. and "the kids"

Tanya said...

Dawn, Michael & family,
You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers today. Karri shared this website w/ me and from what I've read, you all have an amazing outlook, positive attitude, and strong faith in the Lord. May God hold you all now & in the days, weeks, and months ahead. We serve an awesome God and I know that he is in that operating room guiding the surgeons. Sending you hugs, loves, and prayers - God bless, Tanya Skelton, Morenci, Michigan

sue said...

Hey buddy...doing good, as we knew you would...will be looking for another update after surgery is done. Stay strong all of you out there and we are praying for you all. Love Sue Mike Allison Abigail and Brighton

Jilly K said...

Our prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time.
From old, polka friends....and formally from MN (you're in GREAT hands).....stay strong!!!

Jim and Jill (Czerniak) Krzeszewski

Karin, Logan, Jade & Blake said...

Dear Michael, Dawn and the kids: Our hearts and prayers go out to you. Now is everyones time to heal and recover. Thanks for keeping us updated on Michael's journey. Keep a positive mind and know that your thoughts are a very powerful tool. Love too Uncle Virgil, Aunt Theresa, Brenda, Rick and their families.
Much Light & Love Always!
Karin (Dainoviec), Logan, Jade
and Blake Spurgeon

tammyt said...

My prayers are with you all and my thoughts have been with you and all your family dawn. i thought of mike and you so much but better yet i prayed and The God of mercy is ever so faithful look up dawn and kids GOD knows the pain and loves you. and i will continue to pray for you all God is in control dawn, lean on Him and may you feel his arms around you love with all my heart tammy t ellsworth In Jesus name i pray for you. my email. hugs to all you and kids and forever remember michael.