Tuesday, June 17, 2008

POD #6

Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti

We are testing the bowels tonight with good ole hospital spaghetti. I hope it stays down because it won't be pretty coming back up! This is the first real test of solid foods. Forget the toast, bananas, applesauce etc, here at Mayo they jump right to spaghetti. Nine out of 10 doctors here recommend spaghetti after bowel surgery.

Michael is walking 4 walks a day. Burping--yes Farting--no (for those keeping track like Renee'). Today may be the turn in the road that we were looking for. Still alot of unexplained pain so the gallbladder is still under close scrutiny.

It has been a long week-plus some so I am going to keep it short tonight. We are so blessed to have such a strong support system in place and I am sure that is why we were chosen to go thru this.


Dawn & Kids


Bobby, Anna, Bowdy, Bailey and Tucker said...

HMMM SKEDI! Well, I hope for everyones sake it stays down. Keep those spirits up, it really only gets better from here.

Dawn, your gonna deserve the jello shots as well. Tell the kids HI from Bowdy, Bailey, and Tucker.

Keep those spirits up, were supporting you all in our thoughts and prayers.


tdwiltjer said...

Dawn & Michael,
I was just checking in after the St Jude's poker tourney here at the Auctioneers summer conference. Everyone wishes Michael were here and are all asking about him. I have a picture from today at the golf outing that he'll want to see...I can send it to his email account if you are able to get it there...might be fun to post it on here if you are able. Just let me know where to email it to and I'll get it right out. As Michael will know, I'll be up in a few hours getting ready for the board meeting. Thinking about him every day and wishing for a speedy recovery.

Tricia Wiltjer
Michigan State Auctioneers Association

Michelle said...

Michael and Family,
Just want to let you know we're thinking about you and sending prayers all the way from New York. Stay strong and hang in there! Wishing you a speedy recovery. I'll be checking the blog for updates!

Take care and God Bless!!

Michelle (Zelasko) Bojczuk
and Family
Eden, New York

sue said...

Good Morning .... hopefully the spaghetti made it all the way down and didn't make any U-turns. Hopefully by the time you guys get back here the weather will be what summer weather should be, the furnace is running in the middle of June. Take care and prayers are with you Michael, stay strong and don't look back (your gown is probely open anyway) each day your progress will get better. Love Sue

tanya Dandeneau said...

Good Morning from Michigan. Not enough snow last night to plow but will check back today. :) Sounds like Michael is dong better every day. 4 laps a day = a get out of jail card. Hopefully soon ! Remember- the worm goes in- the worm comes out , the worm goes in and squiggles about :) Hope the spaghetti worked.
Love to All,
Tanya and the Dandeneau's

Gayle said...

Greetings from Michigan. Dawn, we're doing our best to save all the deliveries for you. There are several women in Gaylord crossing their legs.
Miss you and hope you will all be able to travel home soon!

Alfred R Beaulieu said...

Mike you are not the man to hire. The story goes " farting horse never tires a farting man is the man to hire.
Everything is diffivult in the beginning as the Chinesse proverb goes.
Keep up the good work.

Al Beaulieu

jan said...

Michael, I have been visualizing all day, hoping the spaghetti will do its job. I know how frustrating this must be and how uncomfortable, as well. I am thinking of you and have my commandos doing manuevers as I write this blog. I pray they are successful. Take care. I will be waiting to hear the good word.

Carrol said...


Your Aunt Shirley checks on your status, treatment and well being via Dawn's blog the last thing at night and the first thing each morning.
We are keeping you in our prayers for a fast and complete recovery. From all of us in Florida we send you our love.

Grandmother, Shirley and Carrol

Kathleen Mullen said...

Trust the Mayo guys knew what they were doing with the spaghetti!!!

Michael & Dawn you have more prayer warriors from Boyne City joining the chorus of prayers from around the country!!!

Keep on walking Michael...Dawn get your rest!!!! Glad you are getting more reinforcements!!!

Waiting to thaw out in Michigan,
Kathleen Mullen

brittneybook said...

Hi Dawn, Michael, and kids!

Ethan is interested in challenging WInter in a 5k, so he needs your family back out here! We are certainly missing you at the hospital. Everyone at work is thinking about you and your family and encouraged to hear about Michael's progress.

Spaghetti???? I will have to add "S" to the "BRATS" diet!! Thanks!

Much love, Brittney, Ryan, EThan, Laurel, and Ella

Katy Ross said...

Dear Dawn and Kids,

Although this is our first post, Shea and I read about your progress every day and say a prayer for Michael every night. We are thinking about you lots! Hurry and get better so you can bring that smile back to northern Michigan, Michael!

Love you guys!
Katy and Shea

mrmtdew said...

thinking about you, take care Mike! ---Craig Soderberg

sue said...

NO NEWS .... must be GOOD NEWS....hope all is going well prayers are with you. Love Sue

rnowicki said...

Hi Dawn, Michael and kids:
Thank you for keeping us informed of Michael's progress. We check the blog every day here at work before the beginning of our work day here in Transcription at OMH.
We are happy the positives outweight the negatives in Michael's recovery. Our thoughts and prayers continue.
Chris, Natalie and Renee

jmoffat said...

I'm am watching and waiting to be of assistance with Mike's recovery as soon as he gets home. You are all in my thoughts constantly.
Dr. John Moffat

Samara said...

No tooting yet? Well, I'm sure that day will come all too soon! I hope the spaghetti ended up staying inside for a while. I'm glad you're walking more!!!