Thursday, June 26, 2008

POD #15


No new changes to report on today. Michael underwent a liver biopsy on the new lesion and results are pending. The procedure was quick and easy with no complications. He is still on IV antibiotics. Life in Marriott Room #107 continues to provide all the comforts at home other than space.

Our thoughts turn to Grandma Estelle as she has a cardiac stent placed tomorrow down in Lakeland, FL. Word has it strawberries will be ready next week at the Estelle patch. The kids will be back just in time for shortcake!

Sweat Dreams,
Dawn & Kids


jan said...

Dawn: I'm thinking of your grandma. She will be in our prayers tomorrow. Sounds like the antibiotics will help Michael feel better pretty soon. Sorry there are these bumps in the road. It is toasty here so the strawberries should be in juicy form for the kids and the berry-patch pickers. Sure hope you will be home soon. Night for now.

sue said...

Michael sure hope you are having a nice night of rest, getting ready for your trip home. Hope everything comes out good from Thursday. Take care

V said...


We are following Mike's progress, sometimes from afar as we are downstate comforting another friend through some of his own medical issues.

Our thoughts are with you guys daily. Mike you look great in the photos! Keep up the fight and we hope to get you guys home soon!!

Best thoughts

The Visconti family

Karen Storey said...

Michael - we are keeping track of you daily. Nice to hear talk of returning home - yeh! The ups and downs of the recovery process! Sounds like strawberry shortcake awaits you at home.

Thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Love Karen and your UP family.

Kenny said...


LIVE in South Carolina on the Honeymoon.

Just checking in on ya and see that you are rounding the corner pretty good with a couple speed bumps along the way.

Good to see that your spirits are up as they should be. You dodged a major bullet my friend and this is proof that the endless prayers and your competitivness (sp) is kicking this thing right in the butt.

You have one heck of a great family and support group and like I said before, you ARE an inspiration to all of us.

Your positive and upbeat attitude will prove to be the remedy of getting back 100%.

Kenny Lindsay, Auctioneer

PS: By the way. We are ALL anxiously awiting a post from BIG MIKE! Let your fingers do some talking dang it.

Doug & Holly said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers!

Doug, Holly & Ryan Franckowiak