Tuesday, June 24, 2008

POD #13


Michael has been dealing with fevers the last couple mornings. Hopefully they will go away or else the liver ablation may have to be postponed. We will know more tomorrow. Michael's case has now been presented at Mayo Urology Tumor Board on two occasions. Part of the tumor stains positive for testosterone so he will be on hormone therapy in addition to chemo (yes, Depo Lupron). So don't mind his "PMS"! (ha ha)

We are all getting a little exhausted so it is to bed early tonight.

Good Night,
Dawn & Kids


Dawn Jones said...

Thanks for all the updates Dawn. Great to see the pictures and see Micheal up walking! Glad you and the kids were able to participate in the 5k and burn off some energy...and for a good cause, too. All you can do is take one day at a time. Keep up the good fight Michael! Know there are a lot of prayers and candles burning at home for you! We'll be praying that Thursday's surgery goes off without a hitch and that you will be home soon!

God Bless,
Dawn Jones and family

Abby said...

Great to see pictures of michael. Keep up the good work. Our prayers will be with you for a great success on Thursday and everyday ahead of you.

Abby Youngs

Becky said...

Good Day Michael,
We are all wondering what you are having to eat today?

Have you walked?

As always a prayer and many thoughts throughout the day for you and your family...

If there is anything I can do up at this end to help on the business end let me know... Tell your Dad I am willing to come up and do some grunt work... ring work... anything to make life a bit more easier for you guys..


Keep Smilin'


Beth Collins said...

Glad to see the pictures. Hang in there. Our thoughts will be with you extra on Thursday.
Collins Family

Hi Ruger! Did you get to go to Lego Land? I hope so. See you soon.

Mary Ann & Bob Jarvis said...

Michael, keep your spirits up and your fever down. We are all hoping you are home soon and get to feeling at least somewhat human again. Prayers are coming your way daily. Dawn, thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Love, Mary Ann & Bob

jan said...

Michael, Dawn and Kids: Thank you for the updates. Loved seeing the pictures of you and the family, Michael. We have to put some meat on those bones, kiddo. Stay strong, hope to see you when you get home. One day at a time....

sue said...

Michael we hope the fever is down today so plan can still be in action for tomorrow. Take care

Gayle said...

I read this recently and it has really helped me, maybe it will help you all too. Hope you are feeling like yourself again soon, Michael.

Good Morning,
This is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help, so relax enjoy your day! I love you!

mrmtdew said...

hey, Mike, just wanted to say "HI." Hope today is better than yesterday, seems like you're pulling through great. Nice to see the photos. Apparently, the Mayo Clinic doesn't have a hair styling team, eh? :) Take care!

Bobby, Anna, Bowdy, Bailey and Tucker said...

Again, keep up the spirits. These little setbacks all seem huge and bothersome, but will all be forgotten in the months and weeks ahead.

Keep your chin up Michael!


brittneybook said...

We love seeing the pictures of everyone! Glad to hear that you have the top docs working on your case. Know that we are continuing to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

We know that you are all tired and worn down, but keep up the fight! There are so many people pulling for you ALL.

Much love, Brittney, Ryan and kids

OBShell said...

Glad to see the smiles--laughter is the best medicine. Good luck, hope all goes well tomorrow! Great job on the 5k.
Love, shell

Michelle Kelling said...

Hi Michael --

Enjoyed the photos of you,your kids and wife and your auctioneer colleagues (never knew that you went on to such a neat career choice!). Sounds as if things are going as well as can be expected -- also looks and sounds like you have a wonderful support system. My family, especially my Mom, send their love and prayers. If you have any to spare, send a few back her way -- she had an accident on June 15th -- thought her car was in park and got out but it was in reverse -- she was pulled under and dragged about 60 feet by her car until a good samaritan was able to jump in and put it in park. Just left the hospital today (June 25th) for a 10-14 day stay in an orthpaedic rehab. facility. She will turn 75 on Mon June 30th. We've tried to tell her that 75 is a little advanced for starting a career as a stunt woman!!! All should be OK, though -- she's very fortuante. Will continue to check the blog and to keep you in my prayers.


Michelle (March) Kelling
Sheffield Village, OH

The Zelaskos said...

This prolonged hospital stay must feel like a marathon for you (and your family). Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and send up a prayer. We hope all goes well tomorrow and that you're able to move forward with treatment. Take care.

John and Pam Zelasko