Thursday, June 19, 2008

POD #8

Spaghetti or Not, Here He Comes!

Michael is back on track! Not sure what the big set back was last night (liver or bowels), but it is gone for the time being. He ate for the first time tonight in over 24 hours. Just some chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes (gotta support those potato farmers).

As for the CT, the GOOD = no cause for the pain; the Bad= expected bowel swelling and inflammation; the UGLY= a new liver lesion in the opposite lobe was identified (will have to wait a month to reassess it and possible ablate that lesion like the previous lesion).

New names and faces continue to crop up on the blog. I have no idea how I can possibly thank each and every person who is contributing to our journey. I know one thing, each and every one of you will never be forgotten. The outpouring of hearts from the faculty and families of the kids' school (Boyne Falls) has brought so many smiles to Yukon, Winter, Mag and Ruger's faces. Athletes for a Cure and the Prostate Cancer Foundation have contacted us to help pool our resources to help Michael and the kids fight this tough battle together as a team. We will keep you informed on all their efforts.

The OB nurses can make sure Della L. has read the blog because we will be needing here help when we return. If all goes well I will be back to work first thing next week to take off where I left off. That includes my Friday lunch with the OB girls.

The Mall of America is a promised trip to the kids that will happen tomorrow. They have patiently been waiting to check it out. Now that all is stable with Michael , we can venture out a little.

Hugs & Kisses,
Dawn & Kids


Renee' Elias said...

What a relief! I have been praying so hard for good news! I look at this blog every time I get on the computer. When I see the picture of Michael and that beautiful smile I just pray for healing. I hope you get some strenghth from all of us who love and support your family so much. You are constantly lifted in prayer. Love, Renee'
Have a great time at Mall of America. The childern will LOVE it!

obtam said...

whew, glad that all is back on track. We all keep praying for you
all to be strong in all aspects of your healing. We will be glad to see you all back in Gaylord. The sun is coming out again just in time for your return,
Thinking about you.
Love and Prayers,

Mary Caverly said...

What a relief to hear that Michael is eating again! Hopefully, now things will start getting better for him and for you also. I had another friend add Michael's name to her church's prayer lots of people are thinking of your family and praying for his recovery.
With Love, Mary

Beth Collins said...

It sounds like all our prayers are being heard! Enjoy a break with the kids. They will love the Lego Land, the shark petting pool, and the theme park. Caeden has been asking everyday if Ruger got to go to the Lego Land (one track mind of a 5 year old). The sun is out in Michigan today! Warming up too for your arrival.
The Collins Family

Kristen said...

Hello from the OR! We are printing the blog everyday so we can keep up on the latest progress. Lots of love & support from all of us to all of you!

Carrol said...

I didn't write yesterday as my fingers were in a locked position hoping for good test results. It was a good to hear that the recovery course is on mostly the right track. I want to share with you Carrol's story of taking his granddaughter to the Mall of America when we lived in Minneapolis. She was about the age of Winter, had done her research,and knew exactly what she wanted to see. Knowing Carrol's usual pace you can imagine the expression on his face as I met up with them 45 minutes later,they had been over all three levels and had purchased keepsakes as well. He was ready to warm the bench for the next 45 minutes---just think what Winter could do to him! You are in our thoughts 24/7--- would like to know if Michael will be able to be moved to Gaylord if you return? This blog is wonderful! Our love is with you! Grandmother, Carrol and

Kathy Morris said...

Great news!! We were praying hard!!

It was so good to hear that Michael can eat and start to get his strength back!

Dave and Kathy

Patricia said...

Keep flashing that beautiful smile. Not only will you feel better, everyone around you will, too.
Hugs, Patty

OBShell said...

I saw Della today and gave her your message and the addy to the blog. And Peggy did not bring lunch in today as promised. Enjoy your mega mall visit. Michael enjoy your decrease in pain and yummy diet. Get well soon.
Love, shell

Alicia said...

Very glad to hear that the painful night is over! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Have a ball at the mall. Remember LIVESTRONG!!
Brett & Alicia McVannel

James, Karri, JD & Jarrett said...

Glad to hear you are back on track!! Michael, stay strong and keep looking forward. James is itching to talk to you...hopefully you two can connect soon! Dawn & kids, have fun @ the mall...wish I could go too!!!

Hope to see you soon in Michigan!!

Love & prayers,
Karri, James, JD & Jarrett

The Herman's said...

Awesome News! I was reading this story to Josh last night.."I knew you could", and thought I would share a page with you...(As the little trian traveling through life enters a dark tunnel)"You'll go through tunnels, surroundeed by dark, And you'll wish for a light or even a spark. You might get scared or a little bit sad, Wondering if maybe your track has gone bad. So here's some advice to help ease your doubt: The track you took in must also go out. So steady yourself and just keep on going- Before you know it, some ligt will be showing. And then you'll be out, heading to a new place. You'll be ready for the next tunnel you face."
Looks like the spark is showing today!
Dawn, the book is called "I knew you Could!" A book for all the stops in your life, by Craig Dorfman. Might be worth finding for the kids!
Keep the Faith! Lori Herman
**Kaylee, Jordan and Josh send love,hugs and prayers to the kids!

Della said...

Hi Dawn and Michael, I had no idea yall were going through this! I just caught up reading your blog and am very happy to hear things are looking up! I would love to help with anything I can when you get back home or whatever I can do before then. There are some great ostomy products out there I can show you. I'll be at a conference -leaving today - and will be back June 30th. I'll check your blog between now and then. You can call me anytime too @989-619-8261. You are all in my prayers.
God bless,

Becky said...


Congrats on your ability to eat. I hope it stayed down....

We are all still thinking of you everyday!

Keep Smilin'


Linda said...

Michael, I don't know you except when you answer the phone. But, you must be one tough ombrie to survive all of this and keep on going. Dr. Dawn, I hope you guys have fun at the mall and I am so glad I am not going with you because I would never keep up (unless they rent power chairs). Kirtland and I were hitting garage sales today before I came to work. Guess what we're looking for. Linda E.

tanya Dandeneau said...

Dawn- so glad you called today. I'm relieved Michael is doing so much better now! It will be a bummer no Fresh Strubs or veggies for awhile but protein is what he needs to add air in that tire that has been flattened for so long. I want to see Michael in 6 pack soon :) Told you MA was huge and fun. Hope you didn't get lost. See you next week. Restful night to you Michael.
Love Tanya and the Dandeneau's.

Steven Riozzi said...

Great to hear good news. Michael you and your family are in our prayers.

EPRMLR said...

Dawn and Michael,

We're so glad to hear about the progress Michael is making. We continue cheering and praying for him through each step.

God Bless.

Paul and Melody

tdwiltjer said...

I'm so happy to hear Michael is feeling better. And eating that "stick to your ribs" food! We'll look forward to seeing him back here in Michigan soon. I emailed a photo from the Auctioneers on the Golf course to Michael's email and to Virgil's hoping you'll get it. Oh I forgot...Bliss took the shooting trophy home again...and the Merkel/Lindsay team won the golf outing. It was REALLY cold...John Narhi's girlfriend went around the golf course in a sleeping bag on the cart. We expect you to be back and ready for the bid calling competition in January. I think it's your year to bring home the gold ring.

See you soon buddy. Let me know when you're up to visitors when you get back...Dave and I are in the area pretty often these days.

Tricia Wiltjer
Michigan State Auctioneers Association

kleinsorgesluvu said...

Dawn and Michael

We were very upset to hear about Michael's illness. We know that he is one tuff cookie and will fight this. We are praying for you and your family. Let us know if you need anything as I know that taking care of Michael, the kids and work is going to be tough. We can be in Gaylord in an hour and a half. You only have to look at some of these comments to know that there are a lot of people who love you. You are going to get through this with that love and the love of your family. Give Michael a big wet one for us and get back to me if you need anything and I mean anything. We love you man!!!

love The Kleinsorges

Threeforme said...
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Lindsey said...

Hey Big Mike,

Missed ya at the MSAA summer convention but if it makes you feel any better, I shanked a ball into the woods as my personal tribute to Mike.

I have a couple pretty funny stories to share with you but I'm not telling them here.

I TON of people were asking about you at the convention and a heartfelt prayer was sent your way again and again.

Based on your progress, I'd say the prayer thing is working pretty darn good right now. I know it must be frustrating being anchored down for a week but grab a hold of how fortunate, lucky and blessed you are in so many ways.

You got dealt a lousy deck of cards but man, you came out with a full house in so many more ways than one.

Whether you realize it or not, you are an inspiration to many of us and you'll be the guy that so many turn to when our chips are down.

Your Pal,

Kenny Lindsay, Auctioneer
Michigan State Auctioneers Association

sue said...

OK... Michael we can't remember your receipe for starting a bon fire....was it 1 gallon of gas or 2? I do remember run like H E double hockey sticks to get the hose as the whole sub division almost went up in flames. Take care and hoping to see you soon Love Sue Mike Allison Abigail and Brighton
*Brighton added get better Mr. Necki :)

R Book said...

Mike, glad to hear you're getting some food down...just sorry that it has to be hospital food. I'd love to send you a Boyne Falls Polish sausage with kraut.
A shout out to the Vinecki young 'uns. Mr. Hoppe says "hi" too.
- Ryan (Mr. Book)

Samara said...

Breathe!! Breathe!! Breathe!!

And have fun at the Mall! How exciting!


David Helmer said...

What a great website. I have been checking back and it seems you are in good hands. Becky Lawrence has been posting about your story on the NAA discussion form. I hyped up your polka back ground! My kids would love to play with yours at the MSAA functions.
Get well and god bless
David Helmer