Sunday, June 22, 2008

POD #11

Help Fight the Fight

Start out your Sunday with this inspirational video!

Help us Fight
Dawn & Kids


Bobby, Anna, Bowdy, Bailey and Tucker said...

Ok, lets not forget that "COMMANDO" was inside of you less than 2 weeks ago. That is not going to be easy to get over in this short time, nor the rest of your life.. "hey, remember when "COMMANDO" (family edit)....!"

Keep the spirits up. A few days this year is nothing for another 60 years with family and friends!

All of you get some rest, tell some jokes, laugh and smile. Gotta keep the spirits high!


t&mjmarker said...

WOW, WHAT A POWERFUL MESSAGE. I was outside trying to save the garden from 90 pound, 9 month old Golden and had an over-whelmed need to know how everyone was doing. The Marker family is on board for Atheletes for a Cure. It has been since I have had kid's since I have biked a century. Oh wait, we haven't told Tom yet. He can do the run. SHH. HUGE LOVE AND PRAYERS, Meri Jo and family

sue said...

Michael Keep up the fight really do need help getting the bon fire going. Let it roll Mike Cavanaugh

Rebecca Disney said...

Michael-You have been in my thoughts since your surgery. I have returned from vacation and immediately checked to see how you are doing. The roughest days seem to be over and best wishes for returning home soon!!!
Dawn-Thanks for the detailed information. You are all an inspiration!!
Kids-Isn't the Mall of America a fun place!! How many times did you go on the roller coaster?

You will all remain in my thoughts and prayers...
Rebecca Disney

jan said...

Just back from the U.P. helping Molly and Jim move. More stuff than you can imagine. Not sure who is in more pain, Michael, you or me. I have been thinking about you constantly and can't wait until you are back in Gaylord. Bobby is right, just get through this time and keep the spirits up. When we looked at all of the stuff (#?%$) we had to load, we didn't think we could do it.'s over. I know this is monumental too but you will get through this. You have so much support. I love reading the blog and seeing everyone's comments. You are loved.

Samara said...

I haven't trained in a long time. Michael, you are my inspiration to starting training TODAY!

rtroy said...

Dawn, Mike and Family,

Know that there are many that have you in there hearts and prayers. Fight the Good Fight Every Moment my friend....
Rick Troy and Family

Kenny said...

Hey Michael,

Well, I'm pretty much off to the Honeymoon in South Carolina right now.

I'm taking you with me and I'll be checking in as frequently as possible for the updates which I'm anxiously waiting for.

You know they'll help you get this pain you're going through sidelined for good. Once that happens, it's ALL Michael and a couple good zaps and you'll be good to go.

You're so blessed that you got on this thing right away and you're heading this monster into extinction.

Hang in there buddy and I'll be checking in.

Kwapis Family said...

Hi Michael

Hope all is going well. I know you are feeling a little better considering you were outside today. Tell Mom and Dad hello and I know they have been there for you and still are. Also Sue called me and she is putting out blue ribbons for prostate awareness. Lots around town already. Everyone here is awaiting for your return.

sue said...

Hey Michael glad to hear you were able to get outside into the courtyard today. It won't be long before you will be able to sit on your back deck and enjoy the kids playing in the yard. Theresa and Virgil, Michael is very lucky to have such strong, supportive parents able to be at his side during this horrible, bumpy road God has put you on. Love Sue

sue said...
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