Friday, June 20, 2008

POD #9

Delay in Discharge

Last night was the first night Michael actually got 5 hours of sleep in a row. Hurray! His pain is under much better control. Everything was set from urology's standpoint for discharge on Saturday morning, then in walked the colo-rectal fellows. They proceeded to explain the CT findings of inflamed and swollen bowel causing problems with the ostomy and said it could take 3 plus days to resolve. That really deflated our thoughts of being home by Monday. I guess that spaghetti bezor (look it up ie. fur ball) needs to come out before he is discharged home. Probably a pretty good idea. I saw intra-operative pictures of the tumor today (that were taken during his surgery 9 days ago) which gave alot of clarity and closure for me. I always like to see what I am facing. The kids will actually get to see what their dad's cancer looks like (they have been asking that question alot). Ruger's daily question is "how do you get cancer?" Know matter how many times and ways I explain it, he always keeps asking. When Michael came out of surgery the first evening he still had green dye on his skin and Rugers first response was " he still has cancer on him!" We had to explain that it was just dye to clean his skin. Michael and the night nurses have been enjoying jello shots of gatorade in the evenings. Tonight was rootbeer float night.

As for me and the kids, we are exhausted. My parents went up with us to Mall of America today. So much for any shopping. I sat and watched my kids go up, down, round and round and upside down all day until late in the evening. I think we maybe hit 10 stores total. I couldn't get Yukon out of the Apple store. It was great to see the kids so lost in fun in their own little world. Oh, to be a kid again~My kids met a great shoe salesman today at one of the stores, hopefully he is reading the blog. He was an incredible young man with a great knack to entertain kids. Who else could entertain my kids in a shoe store for 20 minutes. If you are out there "K" thanks for making my kids laugh!

I feel for my patients who are awaiting my delayed return and most importantly my partner who has picked up my slack and held the fort down for me with endless call. It is so hard for me not to be working. I am soaking in this whole mayo system of health care though. What a novel concept of health care out here amongst the corn fields. "Build it and they will come" is so true.

Michael has had his first access at the blog last night and stayed up til 1 am reading it. Need I say more.

Don't let the bed bugs bite!
Dawn & Kids


Kenny said...

"Michael has had his first access at the blog last night and stayed up til 1 am reading it."- Dawn

Alright Michael. Now we know you're watching and your fingers are working.

Silence is not golden. LOL!!

Kenny Lindsay, Auctioneer

Kenny said...

Hi Dawn,

You said; "I saw intra-operative pictures of the tumor today which gave alot of clarity and closure for me. I always like to see what I am facing. The kids will actually get to see what their dad's cancer looks like."

I thought they cleared him of the cancer with surgery? Is this the spot they found on his liver or something else?


Christine said...

Dr. Estelle,

I've been watching Michael's progress with hope and holding all of you in my thoughts and heart.

Keep the faith,
Christine from OR

jan said...

Micahel,Dawn and Kids; Sorry the discharge is delayed but that bowel has to be working before you venture home. Can't wait, though, til you are back in Gaylord. I think the sunshine is just for you, Michael. Stay strong and visualize. Get that colon going!!

Becky said...

Ok, Michael....

Enough sleep .... get back to work...

(You know I am kidding)...

Take care and get plenty of rest... those kids of yours needs you to play catch with yet this summer!

Keep Smilin'


Robin Harper said...

Dawn, Michael and kids,

Glad to hear that things are going well. Michael continue to heal and keep your spirits up. Dawn please do rest and know that your support system is strong. I am glad that the kids can be kids and have fun. I think that maybe we adults could take a lesson from them. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Love Robin

MKelso said...

Mike -

Great to hear that things have been progressing well.

Another couple days there will seem like nothing a year from now. Stay strong and do what the doctor says.

Dawn- thanks for keeping us updated - we check throughout the day waiting for an update.

Mark Kelso & Family

anonymous said...

OK. Now that I KNOW you reading your blog. . . I hope you truly understand what Is asked of you!?!?

You've come this far and have amazed us all. but this is the point - where you decide if it it your time to make the next turn and pull yourself through this and make it work. . . . time to dig deep. . . . time to start the momentum shift your way - toward your RECOVERY and not let this thing pull the momentum it's way.

- your biggest fan!
Its your choice, no one else's. We CANT do it for you. you know if we could : we would have already! Your beautiful children can't do it for you. You know they want to, but don't know how. It is entirely up to YOU Michael. Get to work. . . . one painful little step at a time, until the doubts & skepticism are replaced with confidence and vigor.

brittneybook said...

Hi Michael!!

So glad you are up and able to read. Frequently there are setbacks before things get better. So look up during this little delay in your discharge! We are continuing to pray for you. I am glad Dawn has made so much available on line so we can go through this with you!

Much love, Brittney, Ryan and kids

Deb said...

I'm reading the blog almost daily to ensure things are going good for all. Dawn and Mike, keep the faith. Mike you are doing amazing!! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you. Hope you are able to come home soon. Dawn, I know my daughter is anxiously awaiting your return. You'll have to ask her who she is (hint, Stefanie).

Carrol said...

Mike we are amazed that you are almost ready for the trip home. A few days extra will be better for you. Dawn we knew that had to be tired keeping the kids occupied and the emotion drain as well. Your comment about how much you have learned just being at Mayo in the long run may be more valuable that classroom time. We are looking forward to hearing that you are all ready to head home. Hope you all have a good night's sleep.
Your cheering section from Lakeland!

sue said...

Michael...hope today was a good day...prayers are with you stronger than ever...take care Love Sue