Saturday, June 14, 2008

POD #3


Today was that one step back. Still unable to take anything more than just sips of water, some nausea and intestinal cramps are creeping in. He is able to walk the halls with assistance. He is getting a lot of brotherly love from his brother Rick. His sister, Brenda took the initial first few days but now returned to her family. The kids have some cousins in town to hang with, which gives them some companionship. Virgil (Michael's dad) turns out to be a great soccer goalie. We grilled salmon wrapped in banana leaves tonight for dinner. What a treat that was. The hotel has a grill for us to use out on the patio, which makes dinners easy to cook. They have a hot continental breakfast every morning including fresh made waffles, eggs, sausage etc. At 4 o'clock everyday there are fresh hot cookies out of the oven in the lobby. This Marriott Springhill Suites ROCKS.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a step forward. After all, tomorrow is Father's Day.

Good Night from Rochester,
Dawn & Kids


Renee' Elias said...

Happy Father's Day Michael.....and many many more!

Kenny said...

Happy Fathers Day Mike.

How is this for a Fathers Day you'll NEVER forget - or the kids for that matter.

Don't look back and keep sprinting forward.

I'll check back in later on.


Carrol said...

Well,Mike, that should be behind you now-----there was an old adage that the third day after surgery is always a bad one---with that out of the way your Father's Day can be a good one.We are rooting for you along with the cheering section there in Rochester. Shirley, Carrol and Grandmother

sue said...

Happy fathers day Michael. Hope today is a better day. I am happy the hotel is treating the families well, is someone saving you your 4 o'clock cookies, that will put the junk back in your trunk that you lost. Well take care and god bless you and all the fathers today. Love Sue

Kathleen Mullen said...

Happy Fathers Day Michael AND Virgil!!! YOUR Heavenly Father is looking down in LOVE!!

Last night out of the blue I just sai--Hang in there Michael--Once again just started to pray. My prayer the past 48 hrs were that you would get through the inevitable "bump in the road".

Once again we are all rejoicing with you re: the lymph nodes, etc.

Dawn thank you again for sharing your lives. I think of the old kids song...He's Got the Whole World In His Hands...How true!!!

Kathleen Mullen

Kwapis Family said...

Happy Father's Day Michael.

Get well soon.

Love, Kwapis Family

Samara said...

Happy Father's Day, Michael!

May you receive years and years and years of traditional "ugly" Father's Day ties...

Keep on walkin'.
Keep on eatin'.
Keep on keepin' on, buddy!


Lou & Mariann said...

Hi Michael, Happy Father's Day! We knew you would make it through the first big step to recovery with all of us praying for you!! You are in our prayers everyday. After 25 years of taking care of patients, seeing and experiencing some very difficult times in our family, we know that survivors survive. Keep the fighting spirit!!! Love, Lou & Mariann Habryl

Tobin said...

Hey Buddie,

Happy Father's Day! I know its tough right now but keep looking ahead. Soon you'll be back on that bike.

Dawn, miss you a lot Keep strong. Give the kids a hug for me.

Hope to see all of you very soon.


tanya Dandeneau said...

Give Michael a Big Hug for us on Father's Day, Mom and I are cooking the boys here a BBQ dinner and wish you were here to be with us. We'll save you some Michael- well maybe we'll cook you a fresh dinner when you come home :) Hope you are eating Jell-o
today. You need to put some meat on those bones that you lost.
Love , Tanya and the Dandeneau's

jan said...

Happy father's day, Michael. Be strong; it hurts when you are healing. Praying for you and still have my commandos out taking care of those little cells and annihilating them. Take care. Have a better day today. jan

Deb said...

Hello, just heard this past week about your terrible ordeal. Aunt Donna sent the blog to mom, who sent it to me.
Sounds like OR went good, now the recovery starts. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hang in there.
Love, Deb Howell(Vinecki) (your cousin in GR)

Chris said...

Micheal & Family
Wishing you the very best. You are all in our thoughts and in our prayers. Keep up the fight. We know you are a champ. If anyone can beat this thing you can.
Love to all and thanks for taking the time with the updates. We read them daily.
God bless and keep you in his care.
John & Chris Zelasko

Dave said...

Dawn, Michael and kids,

You are in our prayers, and we hope that today was one step forward! Dave and I were very excited to see that we will be at Disney World during the kids' triathlon. Not only are we cheering you on right now, we will be there to cheer the kids on in Florida.

Love and Prayers,
Dave, Shawn, Kyle and Trey Butka

Stacey Loshaw said...

Michael and Family,

Mike I am not sure if you remember me but I worked weekends at Remax a few years back when you were there. Anyways, my sister Nichole Butcher has been keeping me posted on Michael's health. I am praying for your family through this time of healing for Michael. Stay strong and thank you for keeping us all posted on Michael's Journey. Take care and Godspeed!

Weiss Family said...

You are so loved......prayers are constantly being said for you, Dawn, and your children. Just always remember that God is good and is with you every step of this entire process. We don't need to understand why things happen the way they do, we just need hold on to the belief that God is control of everything and He has a perfect plan for each and every one of us! We are all "Fearfully and wonderfully made." The outpouring of love that is evident in this blog alone is testimony that God's hand of healing is upon you. Stay strong and keep fighting! You can beat's not a sprint, but a'll get doesn't matter how long it takes to get to the finish line of this race.....we will all be there cheering you on :)
Happy Father's Day today and for all the Father's Days you WILL celebrate in years to come.
All our love,
Linda, Jason, Kate and Cooper

Beth Collins said...

Happy Father's Day Michael, you are a truely amazing Dad. We love watching you with the kids...almost as if you're one of them:) Hug those beautiful children for us. Caeden really misses Ruger...send a hello to him. Hang in there. We will keep our thoughts and prayers with you daily and hope tomorrow's a better day.
Bill, Beth, Caeden, and Brady Collins

sue said...

Well Michael hope you had a nice Father's Day!!Look forward to hearing things are getting better each minute. Take Care Love Sue, Mike, Allison, Abigail and Brighton