Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where did December 2008 Go?

Well, we are back after taking a month off from the Blog.  Sorry to those we left hanging out there.  This was a very important month to get through for our family.  Lots of doctors visits and yet another hospitalization,  compounded the chaos that normal occurs around the holidays.  This was an extremely important Christmas, to be able to spend it together as a family and to make life as "normal" as possible given these extraordinary circumstances.

We needed a month off after learning Michael has metastasis (spread of his cancer) not only to the liver but the lungs and lymph nodes.  This obviously was not the news we were looking for on his last CT while hospitalized at the University of Michigan in December.  After having some time to ourself as a family, Michael has made the decision to keep up the fight by getting into a Phase 1 Clinical Trial at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit.  What is a Phase 1 clinical trial. A typical Phase 1 trial evaluates how a new drug should be given (oral, IV etc.), how often and what dose is safe.  It can be the first time a drug is given to humans, or it can be another initial use of the drug, such as the first time it has been given in combination with a standard cancer therapy.  There are no placebos used in Phase 1 trials.  Phase 1 trials provide the initial pieces of critical information about the effect of a new drug on humans which is necessary  for further clinical development.  This type of trial is only conducted with cancer patients.  We are hoping that they find a drug that might slow down the progression of his cancer or miraculously cure his cancer.  However, we realize that more than likely this will ultimately help other people in the future.  Michael feels he has nothing to loose and possibly something to gain.  We are still undergoing testing to see what treatment he might receive.  We anticipate the new treatment will begin in several weeks.  

On a bright note, the Team Winter Christmas Party was a huge success.  Thanks to all those who came out to say "hi" to Michael and the family.  Over $2000.00 was donated to Team Winter which will all go directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for furthering research.  Thanks to all those who donated their time and proceeds.

The kids continue "life" as usual.  They are skiing and swimming almost everyday.  They got their dad out on a snowmobile a few weeks ago and continue to keep him as active as possible.
 Michael has good days and bad days.  The bad days consist of extreme fatigue.  The different aches and pains are manageable at this time.  We appreciate all of your prayers. 

Good Health to our extended family in 2009,

Michael, Dawn, Yukon, Winter, Magnum & Ruger