Monday, June 23, 2008

POD #12

Fresh Air

Today was a day of fresh air for Michael. He made the long journey to the courtyard for sun and fresh air for the first time since being admitted to the hospital. Yesterday was a day off from the blog. The video sums it up and I couldn't think of anything to top that video. If it wasn't for the liver lesion, we would be on our way home. The new lesion that hasn't been treated yet is scheduled for ablation on Thursday. They stick a needle thru the skin so no major surgery is required.

Yesterday was a 5K race to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Myself and the kids participated. Winter took first in her age group with a 24:31 (watch out Ethan, she says you're on for the Boyne City 4th of July 5k). Ruger finished with a strong 36:00. Yukon and Magnum also ran a great race.

Team Winter is growing strong! Sounds like Meri-Jo needs a swimmer, I hope Dr "Joe" has been practicing in Naples. What better motivation to train for a triathlon than a trip to Disney. Kids and adults of all ages can participate. You don't even have to be able to do all three events. I'm thinking the Butka's better start training, they have 2/3 of a relay team. Athletes for a Cure has already contacted us trying to help us in any way possible. They are an amazing organization that will someday be as big as the Komen Foundation (breast cancer).

Back to Michael, all is stable. His chin is up, maybe by some reinforcement from friends, family and nurses (and duct tape). He is still not up to phone calls, not even from his best friends. However, he did say he is going to be calling on them when he gets home for some delivered lunches! So don't call him, he'll call you. (ha ha)

Until Tomorrow

Dawn & Kids


Renee' Elias said...

What a great surprise to open the blog and see Michael. God Bless him; he looks great!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the updates!
Your family is beautiful!
Good luck on Thursday. I'll be praying for a successful procedure. Stay strong and hang in there!!

God Bless!
Michelle(Zelasko)Bojczuk and Family

sue said...

Michael you look Great!!!! keep walking and your chin up buddy. Love Sue

gail said...

Great to see the pictures. Keep up the good work Michael! Good luck with zapping that liver lesion!! Keep strong, and keep walking!! soon running!

Dawn we are all here 'holding down the fort' until you get home, although I may have to get more erasers for the schedule book, ....haha! All is well, hurry home. Congratulations kids on a good run...great channel of energy. We love you all. See ya real soon. God speed.

Gail and the crew

Judi mom said...

Good morning, Michael and all, and we hope it is really a GOOD morning! Hay is being cut, berries are turning red and the sun is shining. What could be better? You guys at home--that's what!! So glad to hear the ablation will be done soon so you can be on your way. Love to all from this side of the "pond".

tanya Dandeneau said...

It is so good to see up actually up and walking. Remember baby steps turn in to giant steps at the blink of an eye :) Slow and steady and watch that Winter doesn't try and trip you with all those IV's hanging around :) Time to get rid of those things anyway- they slow you down. Can't wait to see you in the next few days.

James, Karri, JD & Jarrett said...

Michael & Dawn,

What a great surprise to sign on this morn and see the new pics!! Dawn, you are getting to be a computer'll have to give me some pointers!!

Michael, James says "Hi" and is patiently waiting for when you feel up to phone calls. We will also be planning on bringing up a weekend of meals when you are home, settled in, and up to visitors!

Keep your chin up...and as always you are in our thoughts & prayers. Good luck on Thurs...we will be praying for yet another successful outcome!

Love to all,
James, Karri, JD & Jarrett

PS to the kids...JD ran 11 miles in 2 hrs Sat!!

rnowicki said...

Dear Dawn and family:
Thanks for the update and photos. Your kids are adorable and it is wonderful that Michael was able to get up and get some fresh air. We hope to hear good news from this point on. Continuing in our thoughts and prayers.
Renee, Natalie and Chris (Transcriptionists-OMH)

tdwiltjer said...

Glad to see you up and rolling down the halls! I'll bet the fresh air felt great. I'm glad you got the photo...Lindsey Lindsay made the sign...made herself sick too...funky markers. The sign stunk up my room that night. Come to think of it, now I know what that smell is in my office. I'd send it off to you when you get home, but I don't think you want to smell it;)

Really glad to hear they can work on your liver without "going in" again. Bet you think they've done just about enough poking around in there.

We're headed off to Nashville the weekend of the 4th for the NAA Conference. I'm signed up for a trip to St Jude's. National said that we even get to meet some of the research team. From what I hear, they are doing some miraculous things and making great strides. The work that Mayo and St Jude's do really affects us all. I'm so glad that you are in such good hands. We're thinking of you every day. Keep your chin up'll be home soon!

Tricia Wiltjer
Michigan State Auctioneers Association

Weiss Family said...

Oh Michael it was so good to see you when I opened the blog today!! Thank you, Dawn, for sharing :) We are all so thrilled to see you up and moving around! We will continue to send our prayers, especially on Thursday! Just's one step closer to coming home :) I would LOVE to organize dinner service for you all once you come home. If this is okay with you, please let me know...I could start getting contacts by making a post on your blog site!!---I know you are busy so maybe A.Theresa or Brenda could let me know if you are okay with it....then just let me know when you want it to start :)

Take care; you are VERY loved!!
Linda, Jason, Kate, and Cooper

Denise said...

Keep Fighting, everyday brings new progress. Remember you are not alone and everyone is praying for you. Hope to see you home soon!

Samara said...

You look great, Michael! And I love that you're walking around more! (I knew you couldn't stay away from exercise that long...) Just don't run through the halls yet; I'm not sure the nurses would like that!