Wednesday, June 25, 2008

POD #14

Great Grandma Estelle & Kids

E. Coli Urine/Blood

Well, we now know what caused the fevers. He grew e. coli in the urine and now in the blood. So what does that mean? Well, he needs to be on IV
antibiotics for 10 days through a pic-line. No ablation on the liver until the infection has cleared. Tomorrow they will do a liver biopsy just to confirm the lesion is metastasis of the same tumor. We have to wait another day or two before they can place the pic-line (IV in the arm that goes all the way into the heart). Plans are still to be home sometime over the weekend. He will return the middle of July for additional tests and the ablation if all goes well. As you have seen, nothing is ever set in stone. Michael's spirits are up despite having feet that look like an elephant (it puts my patient's feet to shame). (hey that might be a good photo op).
The kids continue to do well. They are members of the Rochester Athletic Club and spend their days there. Pretty sad when my kids have become active citizens of the community. This will be their 2nd home for the rest of their life in one way or another. The assistant manager at our hotel , known to the kids as "Uncle Bill" (not to be confused with Uncle Buck) has become family.

Our love goes out to Florida where my grandma Estelle is hospitalized after having a heart attack yesterday. She is in her 90's and is one tough woman. Her cardiac cath went well and she is recovering. I told my two private nurses I might need to dispatch them to florida. (unbelievable, they would go in a heart beat if needed--as I have said over and over I am so fortunate to have such devoted friends).

Dawn & Kids


Roxy said...

Dr. Estelle & Mike,
Remember there is a lot of support for all of you! Try and keep your spirits up as I know it can be tough. Don't be so tough that you don't use your lifelines (friends and family) when needed. Continually in our prayers.

sue said...

Michael hope you rested well last night. Glad to hear your spirits are up, keep them up and we will see and talk to you soon. Weather here is finally going to be warmer so you won't need long underwear to arrive back in Gaylord. Love Sue Mike and family

jan said...

Michael and Dawn: Glad they found out what was going on. It is a rough road but you both seem so strong and I know your courage will help you weather this adventure. I love reading all the wonderful comments and knowing how much you are loved. Take care.

jan said...

Dawn: Sorry I didn't mention your grandma Estelle. We will keep her in our prayers too.

Bradley's said...

Just found out about your blog. Happy to here things are going good, My thoughts and prayers are with all of you daily including Grandma Estelle what a wonderful family she has brought into this world, remember I am here for you now and will be when you return!!!
Love and prayers,
Robin B.

Carrol said...

Mike I am going to ask you to share your blog so I can let family and friends know about Grandmother's progress. Last night she had a cat scan since they can't seem to wean her off the IVs onto pills and she continues to have chest pain. The result is that there is no additional damage so tomorrow they are going to try to put a stint in a vein that is calcified to get her some relief. This is considered high risk and they many not be able to do it but is the best option. The Dr. doing the surgery is highly qualified with 15years of experience and he told me that she isn't the typical 93 year old lady and he was willing to do it. She is on the schedule for tomorrow. I'll keep you posted and we will be praying for two of our favorite people together. Thanks, Mike for sharing you space.
Shirley and Carrol

Linda said...

You are never far from my thoughts. I prayed for you today, and in spite of my "unconventional" behavior, God and I remain pretty good friends, so that should work out in your favor. Love ya!
Linda Eastwood