Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Recovery Room

After an unbelievable 12 hours in surgery, Michael is out of the OR and on his way to recovery. Yah, there will be alot of hurdles over the next 6 months but none as great as today's. A new chapter now opens, one of healing. The kids gave their dad the first kisses tonight and though there was not much in return for them, I'm sure their presence was felt. The kids had bets on how many lines (tubes) dad would have coming out of the OR, their coping skills are amazing. If only we could cope as well as them. Michael is stable and tucked in for the evening and so are the kids. I can hardly wait until Michael is able to view the blog and the outpouring of love that has come in from across the United States. Technology works miracles in ways I never imagined.

We are so Blessed

Dawn Estelle (Yukon, Winter, Mag and Ruger)


Bobby, Anna, Bowdy, Bailey and Tucker said...

I've been sitting here in Mission Control checking on the status and hoping to hear he was out of surgery and in recovery. I'm glad this first stage is over, this must be exhausting for everyone. I wish we were closer to lend a hand.
Dawn, Thanks for keeping us in the loop with this page. Send our love and let Michael know we are thinking of him and looking forward to seeing him soon.

Bobby, Anna, Bowdy, Bailey, and Tucker

sue said...

Well what great news!!!!! Hopefully you rested through the night and I am sure with surgery behind you, you will be ready to kick healing head on. Take care and will be praying for more good news. Hope all of you out at Mayo are taking care of each other, long road ahead but with much love the walk will go fast I hope. Love Sue, Mike, Allison, Abigail and Brighton

Karen Storey said...

Wonderful news. Technology is a great tool allowing all of us to follow along on this journey. We send our support and love to Michael, you, the kids and Uncle Virgil, Aunt Theresa and all the family with you supporting you along the way.
Love Karen

tdwiltjer said...

Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. I've been sending Michael's progress along to the auctioneers along they way. They keep asking about him and telling me of the prayers they've said for him. We are keeping him in our constant prayers. I'm so glad his surgery went well. We all look forward to seeing him soon.

Tricia Wiltjer, Executive Director
Michigan State Auctioneers Association

Gayle said...

We're thinking about all of you everyday, and the prayers are non-stop. Our God is an Awesome God! All is well here in OB land. Keep yourselves healthy!
Gayle and Tam

Carrol said...

We want you to know that you have been on our minds and hoping all was well. It was so great to hear this morning the news that all was well. We send our love to all those keeping vigil at Mayo and elsewhere. Love, Shirley and Carrol

Patricia said...

Michael & Dawn,
So relieved the surgery went well. Dawn, THANK YOU for keeping us so well informed. Please know that our love and prayers will keep flowing for you both. Michael, hopefully soon you will feel like keeping that most beautiful smile of yours back on your face. Aunt Theresa & Uncle Virgil, you two take care of each other.
Love, Patty, Bob, Spencer & Skylar

Tom Bess said...

Hello From Indianapolis Indiana. Hello Tom here Sue Cavanaugh's brother, I hope the night went well for all of you. I will continue to pray for for a speedy recovery. Tom

gail said...

Good Morning to all,
Hope you all had a good night. We are all excited to hear the great news from the surgery. Now the healing begins. All is going well here at the office...We miss you. Hurry back. May God give you the strength that you need to recover quickly. We love you.

Lisa, Lisa, Carrie, Pam, Ruth, Dave & Gail

ddrost said...

Yes!!! That is what pray is all about. God is a great God. Micheal, know that we love you and are praying each and every day for you. Dawn, thank you so much for providing this page so we know Michael's progress. Uncle Virgil, Aunt Theresa, and all the family know that we love you and hope to see you all soon. Diane, Bob, Travis and Dustin

James, Karri, JD & Jarrett said...

Good Morning to everyone!!

I know how I feel reading the positive news from yesterday, I can't even begin to imagine how you all must feel! I wish we could be there in person for support, but just know that we are here for you anytime. Thanks so much for these updates...Dawn, I know you spoke with James often yesterday and we knew most of this, but it certainly makes your job easier.
You are in our thoughts and prayers every moment of the day. The first stage is over, but the journey has just started...we will be there the whole way.
Give our love to all and we promise to send hugs real soon!!!

Love, James, Karri, JD & Jarrett

Nicole Valuet said...

Awsome the healing begins! Don't worry about the hurdles ahead, it looks like you have plenty of people to help lift your family over them! You recently brought love to my family, and now my family sends all our love to yours. Rest and heal, we'll see you soon!

Nicole, Jay and Jack Valuet

Laurie Bingham said...

Michael & Dawn,
We have been waiting for every update. Uncle Leonard & Aunt Joyce
kept calling to see if there were any changes, then they called Ricky
to double and triple check Michael's results. Ricky gave them so encouraging news so I was glad of that. Tim & I have tried to keep
them and the kids updated. We send out our prayers to you and the Family. I know Aunt Theresa & Uncle
Virgil are probably exhausted along
with Dawn and the Kids. Once again the offer stands if you need anything once you get back I'm only a few miles away!
God Bless,
Laurie & Tim

tanya Dandeneau said...

Good morning sunshine ! Hope Michael is awake and
doing well. I'm glad the surgery went well and I hope his recovery goes just as well. Try to get some rest
(all of you) and know we are here for you when you need it.
Love to All- Tanya ,Chris and Girls

Gwyn said...
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Kathy Morris said...

Wonderful news!!

We've been checking the blog both last night and this morning for news.

If there is anything you guys need once you're home, please don't hesitate to ask - we're just right down the road!!

Dave and Kathy Morris

Butch & Jerri said...

Well the first step of behind you and we are praying the outcome is better than expected. Thanks for keeping us informed!!

Butch & Jerri

Dale Slivinski said...

Thank you for providing updates on Michael's condition. Our prayers are with Michael and the rest of your family as the healing process begins.
Love, Dale, Nicole, and Olivia

Patrick McNamara said...

Preservation of surrounding organs.... fantastic......
Hang in there..... just like a race gotta dig deep......but not yet.....time for rest......

Alicia said...

Hi Dawn & Mike-
Just a shout out to let you know that we are following your blogs and praying right along with everyone else. We are so happy to hear that Mike (and everyone else) came through the surgery ok. What an awesome team effort! Keep strong in family and faith. Our thoughts and prayers are with ya! Brett & Alicia McVannel

Renee' Elias said...

Amen, Hallelujah, and Praise God! They were able to maintain the surrounding organs!
Now time to heal and recover. Irene and Louise Kubacki said hello and that they are storming Heaven for Michael. Just a quick did you guys get Virgil and Brenda to stand still for so long. They are always on the go. Just so happy your family is there with you. Dawn, where is your racing picture? Love the pictures of the childern in the Green Bay Race.
Send our love to Michael and tell him

Kenny said...

I told ya buddy that I'd be checking in on ya. First thing I did this morning was check in on big Mike.

I could not help but laugh out loud that my boy Mike is sore from a guy named Commando.

Alright buddy. Once the meds wear off, we expect you to get in here and start rambling.

Kenny Lindsay, Auctioneer

PS: Thanks Dawn for the regular updates.

Gwyn said...

Michael and Dawn and family. Know that you are all my prayers at this special time. I was looking for an adjective to put before the word "time", but none seemed to quite fit. "Trying?", that has been said. "Challenging?", not quite strong enough. "Exciting?" some wouldn't understand how it can be exciting to see a miracle in action. Yes, "Special" seems to be the only word that fits. Love and blessings to you all.

Doug Heuker said...


Good to hear that things have gone well so far! I am confident that you will be able to recover in good time especially knowing how many people are praying for you.
We pray for you every evening and during the day as well. They have been answered so far. We will continue to pray for your healing now. I'm glad to hear that your kids have been able to be around - I know that means a lot to you! Keep smiling, keep a positive attitude - even when you're tired and it gets difficult, be thankful for your wife and kids, and know that we will continue to pray for you!

Dawn, thank you for keeping things updated and taking care of that guy!

Rest easy,

Doug Heuker

darla edwards said...

Dawn and family,
Just letting you know the prayers of myself and my family are with you all. Glad to hear surgery went well. Remember God's promise, He says in Jeremiah, " for I know the plans I have for you, plans to make you prosper...." Don't know those in what way but I pray that this gives you strength to know that not only your family, friends and co-workers are with you but an almighty God also.
Darla Edwards

darla edwards said...
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letstalkauction said...

Wonderful Blog. My heart goes out to you, Dawn and the entire family. I don't know you but I've been thinking of you and Michael all day the 11th. Michael just kept popping into my mind, wishing him well and to a speedy recovery. The MSAA is a Family. Thanks for the Updates. We are located in Mio and have 4 children also and my husband had an accident 4 years ago not as serious as this, but did have surgery, I feel for you. I can only imagine. With you being a doctor you know modern medicine (and doctors) are Amazing. Stay Strong and continue to keep a Very Positive Open Mind. Michael will be strong and back home very soon on to his daily routine of a strong happy healthy eventful life. Thoughts and Prays to you all. Greg & Donna Tuttle

sue said...

Mr vinecki get better soon. Love Brighton

Kristie Taubitz said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news!!! We have ALL been praying! Stay strong!
All our love,
The Taubitz Family

Samara said...

Awesome! He's so tough...and so are you, Dawn! I just knew it! Keep on keepin' on, everyone!!

Me, Bob and Mom said...

Thanks for the great news!!! So glad Michael is resting now but make sure the rest of you (Dawn, Uncle Virgil, Aunt Theresa, Brenda, Rick, and family) also get plenty of rest because you all are a important part in Michael's recovery and support. Let him know that he is loved and missed back here. Thinking good thoughts and our prayers are with you all.
Love and Hugs, Michele & Bob

A message from Mom/Aunt Veroncia, Heard the wonderful news that all went well! I went to church and lit a candle for you. I say a rosery every day on the road over while driving to see your Uncle Mike and then we both say one together before I leave again for you and the family. I'm happy you have your family there for love and support.
Love to you all, Aunt Veroncia

Becky said...



You have the best smile that I ever did see!!

We are all in your corner cheering for your speedy recovery.

Becky Lawrence

Lori P said...

Great news! My thoughts are with you all as you fight this battle.

Lori (Wrubel)Powles

kim said...

michael& family we are praying for you and we are so happy you have cleared the first hurdle. thank you for the posts as we are all concerned. miracles do happen ,thanks to our awesome god!!! get better michael the first dogs on me!!! the taylors[hot dog wagon]

obtam said...

Hello All,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Looking forward to see ya back in Gaylord soon. Let us Know if there is anything we can do. Miss you "E".
Love ya,

Tam said...

Hello All,
Just a note let you all know we are thinking about you lots. Praying for you ALL and that you will be home to Gaylord Soon! Take care,

Love, Tam and the OMH family and friends

Mary Ann & Bob Jarvis said...

Michael Dawn & kids. We are keeping you in our prayers. You all must be tired today. Michael, we hope your road to recovery is very fast and you get home soon. We will keep checking the site for updates. Lots of Love to all of you. Mary Ann & Bob Jarvis

Kathy Waybrant said...

Great news!! We have been following along with the updates and are so pleased that everything is going well!! We will keep, Michael, you, your family, and Uncle Virgil and Aunt Theresa in our daily prayers.
Take care,
Kathy and Steve

chris said...
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chris dandendeau said...

hey bro!
are you there? Make contact with us when you start gaining strength and momentum. OK? No Hurry, we'll be here when your ready! You know that. I look forward to a BB Message from you! ! ! ! ! ! !

-Chris, (Tanya, Keek, Kin,& Annie.)

Robin Harper said...

Dawn and Michael,

Just wanted to say praise God that all has gone well so far. Thanks for keeping us updated. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers continually since your original email. Continue on the journey. The sprint is over, now comes the marathon and I know that you both have the stamina and strength it takes. Hang in there. I know that I am not close, but if there is anything I can do, please let me know.


sue said...

Hey there buddy, Talked to Rick said they may get you up in a chair? yeah buddy. When you get your hands working on the bb messaging give me a to you soon take care Sue

Linda said...

It is great news about Michael. We are thinking of you and hoping that you are getting some rest and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. The department is closed for the third day and we are holding down the desk as best we can. Just drank a big pot of coffee (hospital coffee - not Starbucks). Nonetheless....we are awake and alert and thinking of you and your family. You can't expect to get a normal comment from us, can you? Seriously, doc, we love you and we want you to know it. So, smile just a little here.

Linda and Sharon (the p.m. nurses who wake you up as soon as you fall asleep at night).