Friday, June 27, 2008

POD #16


Plans are underway for finally discharging Michael!! The discharge could come late tonight or in the morning. There will be a lot of follow-up appointments in the near future since the second liver ablation has not been done yet.

Team Winter (the kids and Michael) have been contacted by Athletes for a Cure (AFAC) and have been invited to make a one-hour guest appearance at a fundraising event in Chicago Saturday evening. Spinning Nations is a fundraising event sponsored by Fran Drescher (The Nanny) and her Cancer Foundation (Cancer Schmancer Movement) as well as AFAC and the AIDS Research Alliance. The event is held nation wide on this Saturday. Winter and the boys will be spinning (riding stationary bike) for one hour with hundreds of other people. I am quite certain Michael's presence at this event will inspire many people and validate the reason they are taking part in such an event. Winter has been asked to tell her story in efforts to help promote national exposure about Prostate Cancer. There is talk that every dollar that the kids earn spinning will be matched by another corporation. By giving just $5.00 your gift will be doubled. Go to

There are so many ways that all of you can help to give exposure to prostate cancer. More men die of prostate cancer than women do of breast cancer. Yet, there is more exposure and awareness to breast cancer. Many of you are helping in such small ways that speak so loudly such as the blue ribbons so visible around Gaylord now. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

What is Spinning Nation? Go to

See You All Soon,
Dawn & Kids


Beth Collins said...

Dawn, Michael, & Kids-
Wow! What a wonderful opportunity. You continue to amaze us all on a daily basis. Safe travels home and happy spinning! Caeden sends a "hello" to Ruger.
The Collins Family

James, Karri, JD & Jarrett said...

Great news!!!

Have a safe trip home. Sounds like you are going to have a great time tomorrow in Chicago. I can't think of a better family to help spread awareness. Winter, would love to be there to see you share your'll be great!!!

Have fun and see you soon!!

Love, James,Karri,JD & Jarrett

Carrol said...

Excitement on two fronts----how great that Mike's discharge will be made even more special with the the Chicago events. We are so pleased with the progress you have made Mike.
I also am impressed with the way you, Dawn have included the kids in exposing them to cancer in a way that will be a life long influence.

Secondly, the family can give a sigh of relief---they were able to open Grandmother's artery and put in a stint. When I left her this evening she had eaten a full meal and was combing her hair. She had a smile on her face and was so pleased to breathe normally, with before and after pictures to show the reason. Baring complications she should be back home before long. Thanks for letting us share the news through your blog.
Shirley, Carrol and Grandmother

Bobby, Anna, Bowdy, Bailey and Tucker said...

Hang in their guys - reinforcements will be in from the south very soon! Until then, we are with you every step of the way Michael. Yukon, Winter, Mag and Ruger - Spin your hearts out this weekend. You make us all proud. Love, Anna, Bobby, Bowdy, Bailey and Tucker.

MaryShaltry said...

Hello to all and to my fav Ob Doc!
I just heard about the blog and found it! I wanted to say that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. It sounds like you all are on the ups and doing good.
Our thoughts are with.

The Shaltry Family
(Mary, Shane, Reagan and Jackson)

Christine said...

Hey, Dr. Estelle, Michael and all,

I'm so glad that discharge is finally in sight. And I'm so glad you're grandmother is doing well.

Travel safely.

Keep the faith.
Christine from OR

tdwiltjer said...

So glad to hear of your discharge! I learned a bit about getting E Coli with one of my new born horses a few years ago:) There was a lot of time on the phone with Michigan State Vets and lots of meds afterward, but he came through it fine! I'm sure you are much tougher than a two day old colt:) Of course, he hasn't looked at me the same since...the needles and all.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Tricia Wiltjer
Michigan State Auctioneers Association