Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hospital Day #6

Tubes & More Tubes

Sorry about the days without blog updates. As many of you know I am back to work in Gaylord trying to hold the fort together while Michael is back at Mayo with his parents. Unfortunately, for many of us life has to go on despite this nasty cancer. Keeping up on everything including the blog has been almost impossible. I will try and provide updates every couple days and Michael states he is determined to start writing a few little lines on the blog from his bed. What a treat that will be for many of you. (just remember, you asked for Michael on Morphine)

Tomorrow Michael is scheduled to undergo the second round of radio frequency ablation (RFA) on his liver. The second liver lesion needs to be ablated as well as a new area growing off the old ablation site. Michael has 2 areas that have not healed well down by the bladder and rectum creating holes (fistulas) between structures that don't belong, which is what sent him back to Mayo in the first place. They stuck a drain tube thru his butt check into his lower pelvis to drain an abscess (pocket of pus). The infection has created abscesses also on his kidneys. He is now receiving nutrition thru his Pic Line ( IV going into the heart) for the time being and is not allowed to eat anything to rest his bowels.

Michael will most likely be at Mayo for several weeks. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, as one friend is, Michael is welcoming any new faces for company.
I have plenty of new pictures to post in the near future. Michael is stable for now and more comfortable than he has been in the past.

Any comments on how to beat this tumor are welcome by us and Mayo!
Dawn & Kids


jan said...

michael, dawn and kids: I was so sorry to hear about your relapse but I appreciated seeing the blog and knowing you were comfortable and hanging in there. I was so worried when there were no entries on the blog. If I can help with that, Dawn, let me know. I am glad your folks are there with you, Michael. They love you so much. Give them a hug for me. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and take courage. Jan

Michelle Kelling said...

Hi Michael --

I was so glad to see new information about you today. I can't imagine what you and your family are going through but I do have you in my prayers every day. I also had my kids (3 boys) add you to their bedtime prayers. It's pretty cute to hear my 3 year old pray for Michael "Bikini". Out of curiosity, I visited the website for Vinecki Auctions and watched the video of you calling an auction -- I thought it was REALLY neat -- I'm pretty much a "city" girl and have never been to an auction -- maybe I'll stop by one now that my interest has been peaked. Anyhow -- keep the faith and keep fighting. I truly salute your wife and kids -- they seem to be beautiful and wonderful people -- a reflection of you, I'm sure.


Michelle (March) Kelling

jester said...

Dawn and Michael - So sorry to hear about things, but appreciate seeing the updates. I heard about things from Shelley Troupe and she sends her best. Minneapolis is home for me, so I might be able to swing down for a quick visit - what's the best way to reach you? Eric Heidel

Michael Saylor said...

Michael & Family,

Just a quick note to tell you that auctioneers from across the country have you in thier prayers.

Michael Saylor
Seminole, Florida