Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HD #12

Up And At 'Em

Dr. Commando is back in town and in charge (although I know there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't think about Michael or touch base with colleagues about his status) . The phrase of the day is "get up and get moving". Today he will challenge his legs to a walk. Soon they will recheck the status of the fistulas (holes in places they don't belong) to determine if more surgery is needed or not. It looks like Michael will stay parked out at Mayo at least through all of next week with no sign of returning to Gaylord yet.

Michael continues to have a class-reunion of his own going on (minus the beer). Eric Heidel stopped in yesterday for a visit! Hopefully Michael has a picture of the visit to post, this could start to get quite entertaining. Michael is in the Francis Building at St. Mary's Hospital on the 6th floor. Every nurse on that floor can direct you to his room for those wishing to come visit. Rochester is a really neat place to visit. New names continue to surface on the blog. I am going to start checking off names from our class list and see how well we do at making everyone aware of Michael's journey. I bet we can do better than our last class-reunion at finding lost classmates! Many of you are following but haven't figured out the log in process to leave comments, just ask any kindergartner and they can help you out, they know more about computers than we do.

Michael has been gone so long that he is once again an uncle. His brother brought a new little girl into the world last week, yes, just days after he was on a plane transporting Michael out to Mayo. What a brother!

I must say, yesterday while reading the amazing number of blog comments, I was brought to tears by Barb's entry. I hope many of you caught her entry. She is the nurse that is caring for Michael and to Michael she is an angel that has been sent to care for him. Reading her entry made tears stream down my face. There still are compassionate and caring people in this world who love what they do and who want to make a difference in this big world.

Eric, you are the Hero of the Day!
Dawn & Kids


tdwiltjer said...

Glad to see the class reunion is under way! It's about lunch time and I'm thinking yogurt and fruit...I have to get down to your 125#. Man, you've been skinnier than me for years, and it's about time we both do something about it! You know, we used to have some tricks to fattening up these halter horses before heading off to show at the futurity...I'm thinking you wouldn't like it with your broth. Slop some of that up with the ole burnt garlic toast:) Well, I'm going to go have some air and water for lunch and you get up and take a walk!

Later buddy.
Tricia Wiltjer

R Book said...

Michael, you may be miles away from home, but I think of you throughout the day many times...as hundreds of others do from the looks of this blog. We are rooting for you and praying for you!

shezabelle said...

I see you have been talking to the Weather Fairies for me. It is a stunning day in Galway! How did you manage it? Thanks a million!

Here are a few English/Irish translations to think about for a future visit to Ireland: (1) When standing at a service counter and the person behind it says: "Are you okay there?" It really means "Can I help you? Are you ready to order?" Don't mistakenly say "Yes" as in "Yes, I'm fine, thanks for asking." or you will never get your Big Mac and Coke;

(2) The word "fanny" does not mean "tush/booty/bum/butt/backside/etc." It means a woman's front bits. So don't say "My fanny hurts.", particularly if you are a man and don't have a fanny;

(3) The word "See You Next Tuesday" is basically a minor swear word and is used to describe women AND men. It does not have the negative connotations that it has in America. You will hear it a lot and never quite get used to it.

Commit these to memory so that you may have an intercultural miscommunication-free holiday (er, vacation)!!

Yours, Ms. Shirley Trout AKA Shelley Troupe

Robinson's said...

You are in our prayers daily. We are all faced with challenges, but you were definently delt a doozy. I can confindently say though, that you have more support behind you than any person ever has. Your family alone is an inspiration to everyone. It is amazing to see how much four little kids love their dad and what they will do to get him better. Stay strong, You Will Beat This.
Your Cousins,
Kyle Jaime Zander & Reese Robinson

ggandolf said...

Michael! It's been a few years so I'm not sure you remember me - Gary - Romanowski's Hobbit-sized friend who used to enjoy sitting in on those Melody King recording sessions back in the day. As someone who is not musically inclined, I enjoyed watching you musicians create some great music...and the "Spinal Tap"-like banter between two creative brothers. (Hey, could you ask Rick why none of that stuff is on iTunes? I've misplaced my 8-track versions and there are iPod's in need of some digital Melody Kings!) I'll never forget the time I was able to actually contribute to one of your recordings....using your drum sticks on my skull to create a spot-on raindrop sounding intro to the Raindrop Polka. One take should have been enough - not 20 - thanks Rick! ...I still have a bump...Good times. I'm sure you want nothing more than to be back home with Dawn and the kids, but take your time and beat this thing proper! You, Dawn, the kids, and the rest of the family are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Muse said...

Michael - Christmas, I'll see you then.

Mom and Dad are on their way back to Michigan tomorrow, and would like to stop by. Is there anything you want them to sneak in for you? ;P

Dawn, my # is 303-929-7158. Thanks for the updates. We've all been following along and praying for you.

Take care all,

Simmon said...

Hey Mike, keep smiling and keep moving! We are praying for you at my Church (Trinity Lutheran,Gaylord). We'll have to meet and go snow mobiling since we are neighbors through the woods!
Chris Simmon CRNA

Jes&Eric said...

Michael~ keep up the fight, we are sending hugs from here, and when we move up to traverse and your home, we'll expect hugs in person.=) lova all you guys, stay strong.
jes and eric

Shelly Slivinski said...

There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you. Stay strong, keep fighting and know you are loved. You're an inspiration to all. I love you, keep smiling and come home soon.

Shelly, Dan, Logan, Brooke and Carter

Dan Wagar said...

Time to get your skinny butt out of bed! Dont forget ive had Crohn's Disease for 32 years and have had my weeks in the hospital and 3 Surgerys. When you get home lets go to lunch and talk about our PIC lines, NG Tubes and best of all the FOLEY Cath!! Walk Walk Walk gets you home. Peace, Dan Wags (the guy with a few pounds on you) my left legs more than 125 lbs

Butch said...

Michael: I think of you, Dawn and the kids daily as you travel down this unbelievable difficult path that no one should be on. Please know that we are all praying for your healing and strength. I want to see your smile at a future polka festival, and if we're playing, you're coming up and sitting in for a couple of tunes!

With all our love and hope....
(Henny & the Versa J's)

jan said...

Michael: What wonderful friends you have!!! It is very inspiring reading the blogs and keeping up with your progress. (and your family's, congratulations to Rick and his family on a new baby girl). Keep moving and doing whatever the doctor wants you to do. We want you home soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Take care. Jan

rnowicki said...

Hi Michael:
We read your blog every day and we want you to know the out-pouring of messages is overwhelming. You are loved by many and that includes us. We continue to keep you in our prayers and hope you are home soon.
Chris, Natalie & Renee
(H.I.M.-OMH- Transcriptionists)

Brad Stoecker said...

Hey Michael! Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know another MSAA auctioneer (even the extremely part-timer that I am) is thinking about you. Keep fighting this! Hopefully you have some cute nurses hovering around you. :)

Brad Stoecker

Matt Thornton said...


Had been following the Blog, but stopped (dropped the ball?) after your "going home". Kenny L brought me back to "reality"!

Sorry to hear/read about the setbacks... I thought (incorrectly :-() things were on the more positive side. May you be Blessed each day that others think so often of you, visit you, and that you have the best care in the world!

My prayers have been, and will continue to be with you & yours in this journey. I (& others) WANT, & EXPECT to see you at the MSAA convention this Winter! :-)

Godspeed to a full and timely recovery.

Matt Thornton
Heritage Auction Firm

TheAuctioneer said...

Hey Michael,

Just because I'm not posting every day does not mean I'm not watching your progress on a daily basis. The other day I was going to post and saw that you had 40 enteries so I thought I'd save it for a slow day.

Anyway, they need to start feeding you! When I see they got you on the 125 lbs diet I keep thinking how I can bench press you........wait. That did not sound right.

Misery needs company so I stayed home from the national convention but not because I wanted to. I got called to court to defend an appraisal (a good thing considering I sat around for 8 hours at $125 an hour to do practically nothing).

Well, you have six months to get your chops down for the MSAA Bid Calling Championships in Dearborn this year. Six months should be plenty for you to beef up and get back into the auction ring.

Outside of your wife and kids, you have a ton of people that you are a major inspiration to.

James, Karri, JD & Jarrett said...

Hi Michael,

You know you are always in our thoughts, but I was running errands today and read something that brought my thoughts directly to you. It read, "Tough times never last, but tough people do." I know you are that person and with all the love and support of so many people, you just get tougher!! We miss you and hope to see you soon. We are planning a long weekend in Aug and will travel north or west, whichever way you happen to be.

Love ya,
Karri (James, JD & Jarrett too)

shezabelle said...

Joke of the day:

"What did one eye say to the other eye?"............................................................................................................................................................."Between you and me, there's something that smells."

From the Saints and Scholars,
Yours, Ms. Troupe

heidimw said...

Hey Michael,

Your thought for today: Why do all superheroes wear spandex?

We see our superhero right in front of us on this blog...

Wishing you a GREAT day!!!
Heidi (Hella)

HeidiHinkley said...

Michael, Dawn, Winter, Ruger, Yukon and Magnum.... I just got word of your blog and am so glad that I will now be able to keep up with you on your journey. Your incredible will and strength are the most admirable I have ever crossed...I send all of my strength and prayers to you.

Kids, please feel free to e-mail me anytime...I would love to hear from you!!! I have some pictures I would like to share with you as well.... hhhinkley@charter.net

Michael...you are truely an inspiration...I am pulling for you!! Keep up the hard work...all of my power goes out to you...

Dawn...what an amazing person you are. Your courage is incredible...you are a very wise person with an infectious personality. I LOVE your children and am here to help in any way possible. Hang in there...please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us at BFPS...we are here!

Much love,

Mrs. H

Sean O'Connor said...


After you're all healed up, can you keep this blog going? It's great to hear so many people checking in all the time.

I'm sorry you're missing Alpenfest. If I was out there I'd play some polka music for you really really loud on a really crappy boom box with the treble on 10 and base on 1. Throw in a warm $15 pitcher of beer and you'd swear you were at the Sugar Bowl.

Auf wedersehen,

Sean O

Cathy said...

Hey Michael!

Don't think Sean wouldn't play that music for you. He definitely would! This blog is just awesome to keep up on your progress. Keep up the faith and if you have time check out Randy Pausch's website. He is going through something similar.

Love and Prayers,

Cathy O'Connor

shezabelle said...


Must have been too much Prosecco! Not sure what happend but the joke was supposed to read:
What did one eye say to the other eye? "Between you and me, there's something that smells." Hee hee hee!

And, it was supposed to be from "The Land of Saints and Scholars".

Today, it is overcast and cold. What did you do to the Weather Fairies?? Help!!

Yours in drizzle and dampness,
PS "pog ma thon" (in Gaelic, the Irish language) means "kiss my a*%" A little language lesson for anyone who's getting on your nerves.

letstalkauction said...

Hey Michael

Just wanted to drop you a line and say HI and let you know that you are often popping into my thoughts.
I was very surprised to get Kenny Lindseys email letting everyone know that you were back at Mayo. I followed your wife's Wonderful Blog up till you were coming home. And I want to say your kids are AMAZING!! Team Winter - What love and dedication.
Stay Strong and Hope to See you this winter at MI Convention. Where we can compete together in the Bid Calling Competition again.

Ya know reading the comments and someone telling you to pratice I had a thought - You could have an Auction there each day or so as you are having doctors, nurses and visitors stopping in, sell to them a donation for a cure type thing : )
Sell a donation to Team Winter.. I know many would just Love something like that. Keep you strong and give you something that you Love to Do and many love to hear. In return they will be able to see your shining Smile!

Anyways enough on that.
Stay strong and Very Positive, Visualize your healing and being back at home with your wife and kids. We all have been thinking of you and Praying for your return home!

Best Wishes!
Donna Tuttle
Your MI Bid Calling Finalist : )

lindaburton said...

It's been a long time.... I read the blog everyday, and my family continues to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You have a wonderful family - they are very dedicated!

Linda Burton
(Romanowski - Paul's sister)

Calhoons said...

Hello Michael, Dawn, and family... Just letting you know that you are still in our prayers. Keep strong and you'll get through this. There is nothing better than prayer and you're getting it. Jesus name is bigger than any other name including cancer. God bless,,,
Troy, Tonya, Mackenzie, Josiah, and ? (haven't decided on a name yet).

Also on behalf of Life Tabernacle Church we are praying as well.

the other Tobin said...

Oh my God! Does anyone else picture Sean (looking like Lloyd Dobler/John Cusack in the 80's movie "SAY ANYTHING")standing outside the Mayo clinic below Mike's room with this polka playing boom box high above his head??? Too funny. Mike, I check in often and hope things are going better for you. While it sucks to have to go thru anything like this- you are so lucky to have so many family and friends behind you. Hang in there and keep the faith! Joanie

scott said...

Hey there Michael,

This is Scott Miedema - My family and company has been keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers always. Your an amazing guy and of course you know the laughs we always have. Continue to strive for healing and I look forward to laughing with you again - take care buddy.


Becky said...


Tell me when your ready for chili... I am taking orders now!...

Any auctioneer that would like to buy a bowl of chili for Winters Team I will be glad to sell a 12 oz bowl for $1.00 (yours would be free!)... and if I get enough to buy I will bring it to the January Seminar... Let's see if I can't bring in a couple of hundred!!

Keep Smilin'


V said...


We are following your progress from up on Mullet Lake and the whole family is pulling for you. Stay focused on your family and all the good things waiting for you when you finally reach home!

We'll have to get you some good old Italian food to fatten you up a bit..........Dinner at our place when you get back, deal?

The Visconti family,

Matt, Sandy, Matthew, Victoria and Nicolas

barb said...

I wish you all could have seen what I have the last 2 days. A much stronger, more smiley Michael. I looked up and saw him walking down the hallway yesterday with the pearly whites shining! His determination is remarkable and his spirit unbreakable. AND...true to my word..the man is now sporting little pink piggies!!! He is a true Man's man! Not just ANYONE could carry off pink toenails!
~Barb (One of Michael's nurses):)