Saturday, July 5, 2008


This was, unfortunately, the scene the morning of July 4th. Michael has suffered some significant complications from his surgery and had to be rushed back to Mayo Clinic. The hours leading up to his transfer required labor-intensive efforts from friends and family, many of which stayed up all night to help keep Michael as comfortable as possible and as stable as possible. All of these individuals involved follow the blog and need to be thanked over and over for their incredible compassion. From helping stabilize Michael, to those helping care for our kids, to those helping arrange his flight and to his brother for traveling with him, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Michael's complications are not the fault of anyone or anything. It's just one of the things that can happen when you try and preserve organs at all expense and have a 12 hour surgery. This is just a setback that we will overcome. Michael is comfortable now and in good hands. We anticipate at least a week back out at Mayo Clinic.

Good Night,

Dawn & Kids

PS. check out the links to some of the amazing articles that have been released through out the United States! Team Winter is making a difference in the field of prostate cancer already!


jan said...

Dawn, Michael and kids: I really don't know what to say except I am intensivfying (sp)(is that a word) my prayers for all of you. You have so many things going on and I am sure you are all exhausted. Please take care of yourself, Dawn, and tell Michael to keep fighting. I pray tomorrow brings better news. Jan

Michelle Kelling said...

Dear Vinecki Family --

I'm sorry to hear of these complications. I continue to have all of you in my prayers and I salute all of those who have helped -- you are the hands and hearts of those of us who are many miles away and are unable to offer our physical assistance. Michael -- keep fighting -- you have so much to return to! Hello again and peace to Rick.


Michelle (March) Kelling
Sheffield Village, OH

Calhoons said...

We want you to know that we will and have been keeping you in our prayers. As Jan said we are intensifying our prayers. Keep strong and positive!

God Bless,

Troy, Tonya, Josiah, Mackenzie, and new baby Calhoon....

Melissa Fleszar said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael, you and the kids. Thanks so much for keeping all of us out here, all over the country, updated. Special prayers go out to Michael and his entire family. Stay strong and you will persevere.

Dave, Melissa, Sara and Joshua Fleszar

Sean said...

Hang in there Mike and Dawn. You have a lot of people pulling for you.


Carrol said...

Dawn-the blog has meant so much to us who are far away. It is the first thing we check in the morning and the last at night as we are so concerned about Mike and the whole family. Our hope and prayers are that the problems become farther apart. To ease your mind--grandmother has been with us and is just about ready to return home--she is doing well. Shirley and Carrol

tdwiltjer said...

Please tell Michael how much we miss him and pray that he'll feel better soon. I took a trip to St Jude Children's Hospital today at the NAA Conference. The entire hospital is so uplifting and full of hope. I thought of Michael often during the tour and when I met a little girl who survived a football sized Wilm's tumor when she was three...she's five now and full of spunk. Her mother says she's quite stubborn and a big fighter.

I know there's a lot of fight in you whether you know it or not. Draw strength from your family and friends who are praying for your speedy recovery. We all have lots to share and are willing to give it all to you.

Praying for you from Nasvhille, TN,

Tricia Wiltjer
Executive Director
Michigan State Auctioneers Assn.

heidimw said...

Dear Michael, Dawn and your beautiful children...

My Mom saved the Herald Times for me when we came up to Gaylord for the 4th of July. I was stunned to see such an article! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family.

To Michael: I am sending you FIGHTING POWER to defeat the "evil-doer." I remember your infectious smile...don't forget to smile and stay strong.

To Dawn: Please take care of yourself too. You are an amazing woman...stay strong too...

Please know that I care and I will be thinking of you daily. I will be keeping in touch!

Much Hugs and Love - from a "blast from your past,"

Heidi (Hella) Willison
Rockford, MI

Becky said...


Prayer's always.... I hope your setback is on a recovery ... I did not check the blogs until now and had not heard of your intense situation... You believe it or not are truly blessed with ALL your family, friends and people you don't even know that say a prayer for you... Keep Smilin'...


mrmtdew said...

hi, Michael, I'm near Rochester right now and wondered if I could come visit you. If you're not up for company, I understand. Could you or Dawn call me at (719) 964-3569 please? I know you're all busy though, I just happen to be close. Take care---Craig Soderberg

Doug Heuker said...


Sorry to hear of your return trip to Mayo. I'm sure it's not really where you planned on being for the 4th! Stand strong bud. I'm sure it's probably frustrating right now but I know you can rise to the occassion. Please know that we will continue to pray for your full recovery!

You may want to check out a new designer for your hospital gown - I'm not sure it's your color! Just kidding.

Enjoy your wife and kids and keep smiling! By the way, I really admire Winter's efforts!

Samara said...

Keep fighting the good fight, Michael! You can do it!

kleinsorgesluvu said...

Dawn and Michael

Sorry to hear about Michael's setback. It must be so hard for him to be in so much pain. We pray that the pain lessens so he can continue to fight. If there is one thing we know about Michael it is that he loves those kids. He will do everything he can to be with them and watch them grow.

We will continue to pray for you and for the strength your family will need for this journey.

We love you all!!!!

Scott and Chris Kleinsorge

Deke said...

Dawn & Mike,
Just received the news via email from Heidi and wanted you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Mike...I wish you all the power in the world to fight this set back.
Dawn...What a strong woman you are! Please let me know if there's anything we can do for you, I'm not that far away.
Love & Encouragement,
Maria Shrift(Wing) and family
Unity is strngth..Knowledge is power..Attitude is everything!
-Lance A.

TheAuctioneer said...


No concerns. You're a fighter and at the very best hospital on the planet.

They'll get you straightened up and you'll look back at all this as a real pain in the a**.

When this is all said and done, you'll be fine and I have 110% confidence in that.

Keep moving forward as your almost out of the woods.

Kenny Lindsay, Auctioneer

shezabelle said...

Dear Mike and Family,

It amazes me that I am nearly 4000 miles away from Gaylord and, still, am able to be alerted to your journey. I hope you are feeling better and I am thinking of you all the way from Galway, Ireland. Take care of yourself and, of course, listen to your wife (she knows best!) And, Winter...keep up the excellent work!! Shelley Troupe (GHS '86)