Friday, July 18, 2008

HD #15

Two Weeks and Counting

Hard to believe another two weeks have gone by since Michael returned to Mayo.  Michael doesn't have to worry about buying reading material, he's got the Blog.  It continues to get more and more entertaining!  I love all the humor that is surfacing, because laughing has tremendous healing power.  Michael continues to improve.  He is now up walking on a regular basis and eating a more regular diet.   The big wait is now for next week when he will undergo a repeat CT of the liver to see how the treated liver lesions are doing.  The fistulas will be reassessed to see if they are getting smaller and hopefully going to heal on their own.
Winter continues to spread the word about prostate cancer.  Today she ran a 1/2 mile race at Lake Placid, NY and sported her new Athletes for a Cure triathlon uniform in honor of the prostate cancer foundation.  She took 1st in her age group and was only beat by one boy overall!  The team  uniform she is wearing (pictures coming soon) will be worn by Michael's brother-in-law, Chris Dandeneau, Michael's friend, Glen "Ollie" Oliver and myself at Sunday's Ironman Lake Placid event.  We have dedicated this race to Michael and prostate cancer awareness.  For more information go to the Herald Times article on the right side.  For those who want to follow the race on Sunday go to the ironman website posted in the right column. 

God's Speed
Dawn & Kids


shezabelle said...

Oh sure, get your wife to compete in a ginormous athletic event for you. Typical man, can't do anything without a woman. I suppose I shouldn't complain since you've obviously had another talk with the Weather Fairies and the sun is actually shining in Galway, Ireland! Erin go bragh!!

sue said...

Michael glad to hear you are up and about a little more. We are waiting to see a picture of your "pink toes". Glad to hear all the nurses have taken such good care of you, but then again why wouldn't they love a man like you. As far as your parents go what can we say "AMAZING", they have been troopers at your side daily out there at Mayo with strength and LOVE. Take care buddy, and give a shout if you or your parents need ANYTHING at all out there and we will get it to you. Love Sue

Karen Storey said...

Hey Michael - just got back from vacation with my family - mom,dad, Chuck and Kim, Kathy and Frank and me. Some of our kids came for a few days too. We rented a house in Indian River on Mullett Lake for a week. Had lots of laughs - went tubing down the Sturgeon River and my sister Kathy was the first and only one of us to flip over with her tube - Chuck was laughing so hard he hurt his stomach. Fun to get together - always lots of laughs and sharing of memories. Mom and dad kept tabs on you calling your mom and dad. Glad to hear things are improving. Hope you are back home soon. Think of you all often.
Love, Karen and your UP family.

mrmtdew said...

Hey, Michael, it was great getting to see you. I've been in Minnesota for 2 weeks now also, but I FINALLY GET to go home. It's hard enough dealing with MN for 2 weeks, let alone being stuck in a hospital room!! (just kidding, I actually like MN a lot, but I have a different perspective for sure) All of the nurses and specialists that I got to see during my visits with you seemed really cool. It was funny when the one commented that she liked my band's music that we were playing on the laptop, but if she only knew what that song was about, I think she may have changed her mind quickly. It is a very interesting environment to be in knowing that each person that comes in there has very important decisions to make every step of the way. So it was great to get such a good vibe from all of them. Good luck with everything next week, hope to talk to you soon!
--Craig Soderberg