Thursday, July 10, 2008

HD #7

Michael has asked to post this picture because he wants people to know the reality of Cancer. (not to show you his new talent as a trapezist) Today Michael underwent a 4 hour surgery to ablate the liver lesions. The probes are stuck through the skin so there are no big incisions made, making recovery a lot easier. Surgery went well with no problems and now we can only pray that this will destroy all the cancer cells.
Some of you are asking the best way to get in touch and possibly visit Michael. Please put a phone number on the blog (if you don't mind) and I will contact you. Michael is always up for visitors. Ten minutes of your time can mean the word to those in Michael's situation. Please continue to spread Michael's blog address to those who have crossed Michael's path in life. Over the last several days, a whole new channel of people have opened up across the WORLD. Spread this website to friends and family you might know who have had prostate cancer.
Michael will rest well tonight knowing he is continuing to eradicate his cancer, even if it is just one cell at a time.
Dawn & Kids


Carrol said...

Dawn--Thanks so much for letting us know the outcome of today's procedure. It has been heavily on our minds since the notice on the blog of the sudden trip back to Mayo. We only wish there was a way for us to more than say our prayers and let you know our concern that all will go well from now on. Mike--even in that hospital bed you look good to us--just keep up those spirits-- you are special to us!
Shirley, Carrol and Grandmother

Diane Lown said...

Thank you for sharing such a life-altering story with us. Through your words and pictures you have touched a multitude of hearts and cast a light on a fight that needs more attention and support. All cancer is a thief in the night. It's so easy to become complacent. It's time to remind my children what a gift good health is and how important it is to join with those who are fighting on the front lines and leaving their mark. Go Team Winter!!

sue said...

Hey bud, hang in there....give me a ping and we can chat...take care Love Sue

Mary Caverly said...

Tomorrow will be better. The ablation is over and you can begin your recovery. You have touched everyone with your blog and photo's. So many people in all parts of the country are praying for you to get better quickly. Thinking of you and your family everyday!
Oh, and by the way your kids are awesome!

Me, Bob and Mom said...

I'm sorry Michael that you didn't get to stay home longer before having to leave again but sounds like your getting the best care there. Get rested and you'll be back home in your own bed before you know it. That also go's for you too Uncle V./Aunt T./and Rick. Dawn thanks for sharing your time and keeping us updated during your busy days.
Love and Hugs,
Michele and Bob

Michael your in my prayers daily. Hoping you'll be back with your family soon.
Love and Miss You,
Aunt Veronica

Harding Family said...

We just wanted to let you know we are praying for you and your family. What an inspiration you are by sharing this story to let others know you can beat this thing! Keep your head up and stay positive! Its nice to see in your pictures that you are in good spirits. You have such a great support system in your courner and so many people are pulling for you back home in Gaylord! Take care!

jester said...

Mike and Dawn - Thanks for the update and the picture of Mike doing chin-ups. :-D Glad to see he's working out hard while in the hospital. Like I said, Minneapolis-St. Paul is my home these days, so a quick trip down to check in on an old classmate is something I can do. Give me a call and let me know when/how to best connect up. Phone numbers are:

HOME: six, one, two - seven, two, eight - seven, nine, six, one.

WORK: six, five, one - seven, four, six - three, zero, two, seven.


kim said...

michael,we are praying for you every day,I know how difficult it can be to keep your spirits up during such an ordeal,but it will all be over with in due time, this will be just a speed bump on the road of life.thinking good thoughts & sending them your way. the taylors

Dan Zenka said...

Dear Mike, Dawn, Winter, Yukon, Magnum and Ruger:

All of us here at the Prostate Cancer Foundation are pulling for Mike. You are a remarkable family and we look forward to the day when this battle is behind all of you and life returns to normal.

Go Mike! Go Team Winter!

Dan Zenka

Laurie Bingham said...

We are still checking in to see how
everything is going! We still are praying everyday for your speedy
recovery! Your new little neice is adorable! Still No Name!! Dad is still busy with hay! Glad when thats done! Everyone misses you!
Take care REST!!
Love YA!!
Laurie & Tim
Uncle Leonard & Aunt Joyce

heidimw said...

Michael and Dawn...

Thanks for keeping this updated so we can travel with you through this journey.

I have posted a message on as per your request to pass on Michael's blog site. I hope this will reach many others who are not aware of your situation.

Continued thoughts and prayers with you and your entire family. Take one day at a time, and I hope today is a good day Michael!


OBShell said...

Well my adventure is over and we are home from the NICU only to hear that Michael's is continuing. Hopefully all is going well after the surgery. You have been through the ringer, but love the newest pic posted. You have the strength, courage and perserverance to overcome this "bump in the road"

Thoughts of healing coming your way

Michelle Kelling said...

Dear Dawn --

Thank you for the note of your gracious acceptance of thoughts and prayers from anyone whose life path has crossed with Michael's. As I've followed the blog and posted comments, I've wondered if you're wondering "who is this crazy person?" but I truly am interested, offering my pryers and wishing I could do more. The time that I "knew" Michael was short and long ago but I remember him as a great guy (love that white, white, WHITE and wide smile!) and believe that if the tables were turned he would be "reaching back in his file" and sending good wishes and prayers to an old friend as well. I lived in Lakeville, MN for several years and if I were still there I would certainly be hitting Mayo for a visit with Michael and an offer of assistance. Thank you for sharing your challenges and joys with us -- perhaps our paths will cross someday and you and I will meet. Until then, keep fighting the good fight!


Michelle (March) Kelling
Sheffield Village, OH

Melissa said...

Hello Michael!

Just heard about your health and am truly sorry for what you and your family are going through.
Your a fighter and will get through this!!

I'm living in La Crosse Wisconsin and only an hour away from you, so if you are up to company just let me know and I will be there.

My prayers are with you!

God Bless,
Melissa Krumbach (Hyde)

Sean said...


Keep fighting, brother. Every day is another day closer to getting back home.

Dawn, thank you so much for doing these updates. Just do them when you can, and don't worry if you miss a few days. Everyone understands.

Love and prayers,

Sean and Cathy

Keigan said...

hope your doing good! we saw your vidEo and we know you can do it! it is hard to get thou! just get it done!