Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post Race Update

Photo shoot on location at Disney Before Surgery on Sept 24th 2008 at Mayo Clinic

What at whirlwind of a week. I know one thing, I don't want to be a truck driver when I grow up! Yes after an amazing week in Florida for Michael, Winter and Team Winter we are safely back at Mayo. Michael underwent surgery on his liver yesterday to go after two more metastatic lesions. The procedure went well with no complications. He is a little sore as usual but will be released from the hospital later today. He is having more tests done today to see if any of the drains he has in can come out. He has appointments tomorrow to discuss what to do about future chemo. Hopefully we will be home by the end of the weekend.

Now about Prostate Cancer Awareness. The rippling effect has been created by Winter's accomplishments both physically and financially! She had an unbelievable weekend of racing. She, along with her brother Ruger (6) took first place in the kids Dualthlon (run-bike-run) on Saturday. Yukon (11) and Magnum (7) took fifth place and team-mate Gabby Rose from Gaylord took sixth place. On Sunday Winter was able to put together an amazing day. Michael was given Race #1 despite not being able to race. Winter received Race #2. (Historically low race numbers are given to professional and top athletes) The symbolic emptiness of Race #1 said it all. Winter raced for her dad and did a .9 mile swim in 48 mins., a 24 mile bike averaging 14mph and at the end ran in a 10K (6.2 mile run) in 1hr 10mins. On the run she was joined by pro-triathletes, Simon Lessing and Karen Smyers. Michael was escorted around on a golf cart through-out the race and had a great view of his daughter, the entire day. Her overall time was under 4 hours and equally impressive is the over $32,000.00 (actually $64,000 since the Safeway Foundation is matching her fundraising efforts) that Team Winter has generated thanks to many of you!! Michael smiled more in the last week than he has smiled in the last 4 months thanks to Athletes for a Cure. He met so many people either fighting the disease, survivors of the disease or families who lost members to the disease. Michael and the family were touched by over a 1,000 new friends at the Inaugral Athletes for a Cure Triathlon and can hardly wait to return in 2009. In the mean time Team Winter has a lot of ground to cover. Amazing avenues are being created to allow a 9 y/o girl from Gaylord to make a difference in the Prostate Cancer World. Winter will be telling her story over and over to many reporters this week. We will provide links to all the different artcles and videos that are being published. Please contine to spread the word about prostate cancer! Tell us your stories if you have family or friends affected by prostate cancer. Michael would love to hear them.


Darren Ritch said...

Hello Team Vanecki!

My name is Darren Ritch, my wife and I were volunteers in the Athletes for a Cure booth on Saturday and Sunday. I am 41 years old and a prostate cancer survivor 12 weeks out of surgery. I met each of you in the booth over the weekend and I was truly inspired by your efforts for Michael and Prostate Cancer in general. It was amazing to see Michael smile after all he has been through, I was truly touched by his great courage and attitude. Your family is an inspiration and I admire your efforts. Winter did a great job! I posted a picture of Winter on my blog (hope it was okay)so she can inspire others to help in the fight. Here is a link to my blog: (I documented my experience from start through this past weekend)The overall event was really great and I have started training for my first sprint triathlon so I can try and participate next year. It was great meeting your family and I will continue to pray for Michael and all of you, keep up the fight, we can beat this together!


Patty said...

Hi Michael and Dawn and family. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time in Florida and the kids did great in their races. You must be very proud of all of them. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

Patty Wilcox (Walther)

Matt Thornton said...

Awesome job Winter!

Glad you all were able to find some pleasure and "relaxation" among it all. Sounds like a whirlwind trip all the way around!

Michael- Good to hear the procedure went smooth and that you may be able to return home after a minimal stay at Mayo.

Leaves are starting to change here, so Gaylord (and the trip to) should be colorful. Have a great day, and get home soon!


tdwiltjer said...

I have a story. I know an amazing young man with Prostate Cancer. His name is Michael Vinecki. He has a wonderful family and a wonderful spirit that has brought more people together in the last few months than anyone I've ever met. Michael has a beautiful smile that I'm thrilled to hear has been shown to the world in the last week. I think he always smiles, even when we're talking him into staying up to all hours of the night playing poker with his auctioneer buddies. (even if Merkel is trying to steal his chips). ;)

Michael, you are an inspiration to so many of us and we continue to pray for your good health and wellness. We all miss you terribly and hope to see you again soon. We're all so proud of you and your family not only for everything you've done, but the way you've lifted up so many people during such a trying time in your life.

We love you and your fabulous family.

Tricia Wiltjer
Executive Director
Michigan State Auctioneers Association

jan said...

Dawn: That was a great entry. So good to hear all about the kids and about Michael having fun too. Thank you. We are keeping you in our prayers. Hope to talk with Michael soon.

Matt Thornton said...

Nice article(s) about the event, and Winter (and her efforts)!

Great to see Michael smiling! He looks like "Minne Me" that Kenny referred to in the pre-race pic!!! hehehe

BTW- You look good bald! Better than the old Ace Ventura/Bobbie Vinereno look :-)

Hope this finds you at home and doing well! Carpe Diem!

heidimw said...

Congrats to "Team Winter" and especially to "Team Vinecki" for an outstanding race, raising awareness, and raising money for THE CURE! What an experience for everyone, and thank you for taking us all on that journey with you!!!

Michael, are you home? you have less tubes? You (and your bald head) and children look absolutely adorable in that picture! That smile....

Been thinking about you...glad you got to spend time with your family where it was WARM!!! What happened to our weather here in Michigan? We go so quickly into winter now a days...LOL

Hugs to you...keep smiling!