Friday, October 3, 2008

Athletes for a Cure Triathlon 2008 Video

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Barb said...

Here i am sitting in the ER and watching the video with tears streaming down my face. You guys ROCK!!!! I could never have picked any one family to get to know as cool and inspirational as the Vinecki's....and here we just fell onto each others doorsteps so to speak!!! In my heart,I believe that if anyone can beat this nasty disease TEAM WINTER CAN!!!

Dawn and Winter, the two of you are amazing athletes. I can only imagine being, wife, mom, Dr. and kicking butt in the races!! You guys are astounding!

OBShell said...

Winter-- you are truly amazing! I watch this video and make others in the department (with sound I might add--the choice of music is perfect)and we cry every time. Your parents are so proud of you. I bet Michael is glad that he was able to attend and see you and Dawn finish for him. All for him and others like him. Great job! I get exhausted just watching you and seeing how tired you were but determined to finish. The end just kills me when you cross the finish line, get your water and medal and there's little Ruie waiting to give you a hug. So sweet.

Dawn- I sent the info and links to Bob and Tom for their "Proctober" celebration, and am waiting to hear from them.

Mag- Happy Belated Birthday

Michael- Keep smiling, it does wonders to help your outlook which helps you heal.

shell and the OB crew

KennyLindsay said...

Hang in there Michael.

You are definately winning this thing - big time.

Man. I'm not kidding you, we NEED you at the MSAA January convention.

You should have some peach fuzz going by then.

We just had the All Star auction and your name came up by darn near everyone - even people I had no idea who they were.

We got you a little special something and I GUARANTEE you that you'll love it.

Keep doing what you're doing because you're makin' a fool out of this BS disease.