Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hometown Hero

Watch TV 7&4 tonight, Thursday March 5th, 2009 at 6 pm.  Winter is being featured as the hometown hero.  We will update the blog this weekend.

Dawn, Michael and Kids


heidimw said...

Here is the link to the 7&4's story of Winter and the Vinecki story:

Well done report! They really did a nice job on your story.

All of you are still in my thoughts and prayers!

Heidi (Hella)

Lisa Mitas Kocsis said...

You are a great person Mike. I am praying for you now and always.
Lisa Mitas Kocsis

shezabelle said...

Hi! I was able to watch the 7&4 report, which was terrific! I wish I could attend the Grand Rapids event, but I won't be in Michigan until July! Good luck! xxx, Shelley Troupe

Matt Thornton said...


Thanks for posting the link. It was a nice piece!

Michael, Dawn, et al-

Hope this finds you all warm in well in our erratic Michigan weather!

Take care,


Matt Thornton said...

To the Vinecki Family, friends & others:

It is with a heavy heart, and blurry eyes that I type this, saddened by the news of Michaels passing (sorry to be "the bearer of bad news" to anyone that hadn't heard yet).

May the strength of the Lord, His love, and the love of others ease your burdens during this difficult time.

Words I'm sure will never fill the void you must be feeling. Please accept my very humble & heart-felt regrets for your loss to all of you.

I'm very fortunate to have considered Michael a friend. Thankfully, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend time with he & his fantastic family at the recent MSAA convention.

Winter- Keep up the great work! You are an amazing young lady!

Humbly, & with Regret,


Gwyn Besner said...

Michael will be missed. All my prayers are with him and his wonderful family. God bless you all and hold you in his arms during this incredibly difficult time.

mom of three said...

May there finally be peace in the hearts of those who love Michael most. I pray for peace in the hearts for the children, parents, brother and sister of Michael. Know that now there is finally no pain for him. The Heavens are having a jubilant celebration that Michael has joined them. There holds some comfort in our sadness to know that although we are left behind with Pain due to the empty hearts we have,Michael's new body with the Lord is strong, solid and without pain.
Be strong Vinecki family! Keep your faith, just as Michael kept his.

Matt Thornton said...

Just passing on some additional information from the Gaylord Herald Times-

"Michael Lee Vinecki, age 40, passed away peacefully in the arms of his wife and children Thursday morning, March 12, 2009. He fought a valiant battle with a rare, aggressive form of prostate cancer.

His wife, Dr. Dawn Estelle, and four children, Yukon Dominick, 11, Winter Lee, 10, Magnum Edwin, 8, and Ruger Michael, 6, will carry on his mission to find a cure and end prostate cancer.

Funeral services are Thursday, March 19, 4 p.m., at St. Mary Cathedral.

In lieu of flowers a college fund has been set up for the Vinecki children at Northwestern Bank.

For visitation schedule call the Nelson Funeral Home, 732-1770. A full obituary will follow in the next edition of the Herald Times."

You'll have to copy and paste the link.

Regrets & regards,