Friday, February 13, 2009

Special Rachael Ray Show Today

If you get a chance today, watch The Rachel Ray Show on ABC.  See local listing for time.  Around our area it airs at noon.  Winter is Rachael's guest to talk about Team Winter and what she is doing about her dad's cancer.

Thanks for your prayers,
Dawn, Michael & Kids


Hannes said...

To the Vinecki family,
The staff at the National Auctioneers Association took a break and watched the segment on Team Winter on the Rachel Ray Show. Your courage is inspirational and Winter's complete lack of ego and her tenacity is something we all want to emulate. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Hannes Combest
Chief Executive Officer

heidimw said...

Hi Guys,

Just finished watching Rachel Ray at 2pm here in the Grand Rapids area. You ALL look so good on TV! The segment was wonderful, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Winter is a beautiful soul that you brought into this world to share with us. She is truly making a difference in this world. Many people are touched by Winter's strength and determination as just a mere ten year old. Winter truly is a "role model" for all ages!

Thanks for letting us know about the was surreal watching you all on national television. guys looked GREAT! Michael...your smile lights up your was good to see your smile! Please give us an update when you can...

You are in my thoughts and prayers my friends...

Heidi (Hella)

Matt Thornton said...


Nice piece about you and your efforts for Dad, and further raising Prostate cancer awareness! I think you did a very good job in the segment :-) Congratulations on another personal milestone!


Time for another hair cut... was getting used to your "no hair" look~ hehehe

Not sure when they filmed this, but hope this finds all of you safe & comfortable back in Michigan.

Have a Blessed day~ mine was!


colshawn said...

Michael Vinecki & Family,

What a great story on the Rachel Ray Show. Michael, your family has so much love and encouragment in it that you have to be so proud of them. Winter, you are amazing and may god bless you for every step out there.

As you navigate this period in your life we will be praying for you and your family.

Shawn Terrel
Vice President
United Country Auction Services

Melissa Fleszar said...

The show was amazing. Winter is a beautiful, mature and amazing young lady. You all looked so good. I pray and think about Michael and the whole family on a continual basis. Keep your faith in God and He will never let you down.

Melissa Fleszar
Fort Myers, Florida

Gwyn Besner said...

Michael, I loved the look of love and pride in your face as Winter was presenting herself as the confident, poised young woman she is. You and your family are constantly in my prayers.

Love and hugs to all,

Gwyn Besner

jim said...

Michael-I loved seeing that infectious smile and that Sparkle in your eyes as your precious daughter sat in the spotlight. Keep fightin' and keep that smile

Winter-Great Job! Keep it up

Love ya man!

Jim Vander Veen

letstalkauction said...


Winter you are making huge leaps and bounds for your Dad and Prostate Awareness.

You are Awesome! You bring a tear to my eye everytime I watch you, as I am so proud to know you and see what you are doing for your dad and your family. With Your Love and Strength, you could move the World! and I believe you are.


You have been Blessed with a Wonderful Family! and Love from many many Friends! Keep Positive and Focus your energy on those Wonderful Things that are happening around You.
Remember what I told you about the Positive Energy.

Give Thanks Everday for all you have been given. You have a Very Special Family!

Sending you many Thanks for knowing your Wonderful Family and feeling/seeing the Love within.

With many Thanks & much Love,

Stacey said...

Michael & family,

Stacey and I watched the Rachel Ray show and admire your courage and inspiration! Winter, keep up the tremendous support of your father. Michael, it's nice to see you have more hair than me! :)

Love you all!
Jim, Stacey & family

Lindsey said...

We watched the clip...awesome! Hugs and prayers!

Kenny & Lindsey Lindsay

Steve said...

Only now catching up to your story and the fight you've been going through.

Looks like you've got a great family and a lot to be proud of.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Steve Mitas

Anonymous said...

Spring greetings from the West of Ireland where the daffodils are out in bloom. (OK, it's raining, but they're still pretty!) The great thing about the internet is that I was able to catch the Rachel Ray segment...superfantastico!! Congratulations! Everyone looked great and Winter was very composed. Happy Spring!! xxx Shelley Troupe
PS My boyfriend and I got engaged a few weeks ago. Come to the wedding if you;re able--29 December 2009!