Saturday, November 29, 2008

Web MD Health Hero 2008

Well, here it is....just announced in the November/December 2008 Web MD Magazine.  Winter is the youngest recipient in the history of Health Heros.  You can also go online to see the online article about her recognition-see right column and click on picture.  As you can imagine we are so incredibly proud (an understatement) of what Winter and her brothers are doing.  This award has already made 2 million viewers online aware of what Team Winter  stands for.  One small baby step towards Winter's goal of having a blue ribbon (prostate cancer) to match every pink ribbon (the oh, so visible breast cancer).  To see her state her goal in front of 250 of the leading Prostate Cancer Researchers at Lake Tahoe, go to the video 
For those who wish to follow Team Winter in more detail (which so many of you have already done) go and join Facebook.  There you will find Winter Vinecki, Group- Team Winter and Fan Page- Team Winter.  This is where everything related to Team Winter will be published, including upcoming events.  You can also get there thru and clicking on facebook.

Michael had his tube in the liver replaced with a larger tube last week to help drain the liver better, which has caused great discomfort as one can imagine.  His energy level is wiped out and he has only a few good hours a day right now.  We are able to get care for some of these issues nearby so we don't have to run back to Mayo right now.  

Our Love,
Dawn, Michael & Kids



KBur said...

Watching the video from the Prostate Cancer Researchers convention and seeing the people in the crowd get choked up just like I do every time I watch the clip of Winter at the Athletes for a Cure Triathlon fuels a lot of emotions. My kids are about Winter's age, and their goals are to pass this week's spelling test and to make the next level on their video game. Winter's goal is to see as many prostate cancer ribbons as breast cancer ribbons. Not only does that make my kids' goals seem small, it makes my own plans and ambitions seem selfish.
It sucks that it usually takes adversity to bring out the best in people.
Your whole family is an inspiration to many of us who are self-absorbed in our own little circumstances.
Good luck, and keep doing what you can.
Love, Kevin Bur

Michelle said...

Words cannot describe... This is absolutely amazing and truly inspiring. Congratulations to Winter! I think Kevin B's post says it all. There should be more people like Winter in the world.
Michael and Dawn Estelle, you've got a little angel living with you. Stay strong and know we all love you!

Michelle Bojczuk and Family

Matt Thornton said...

Dawn & Michael-

Awsome news/accolades for Winter! As you wrote, "... incredibly proud" is an understatement. I've never met Winter, but I am proud of her & her efforts just the same!! Keep up the GREAT work Winter!


Sorry to read about the larger tube needed, but it is only a temporary inconvenience! Am sure you will have them all out by the time you come to the MI. Auctioneers convention in January!

Keep the Faith, and the spirits up. See you in Jan.! Have a Blessed day!


P.S.- Link to the Vimeo video didn't "open" directly to Winters video. Easy enough to find and view, but thoght you'd want to know.

Becky said...


I am glad to hear of the updates...

We know that you still need prayers everyone is always thinking and asking about you...

Please keep smilin' and give a few more hugs to those young'ens of yours...


Darren Ritch said...

First let me say that I continue to pray for Michael and your family. You all are an inspiration.

Second, congratulations to Winter for receiving the 2008 Web MD Health Hero Award. Her personal battle to fight Prostate Cancer and a cure for her dad is truly remarkable and inspiring. I admire everything Team Winter is doing in the fight. I have my blue ribbon on my car and will help in the challenge to get as many out there as the pink ribbons. The video(s) we very touching and continues to inspire me to do what I can to help in creating more awareness.

God bless you all!

Darren Ritch

heidimw said...


I am SO angry that somebody our age has to go through something like this. I am SO angry that so many people have this terrible disease. I am SO angry that there isn't a cure for cancer yet. I am SO angry that your family is going through something like this!!!

Now that I have my "anger phase" out of the way...

Your family has been our HOPE/SPARK/LIGHT to finding the cure for prostrate cancer. With Winter's drive and determination and Athletes for a Cure, maybe this type of cancer will be eradicated sooner than what we can imagine!

Congrats to Winter, what an honor! Another "proud parent moment" you should BOTH be SO very proud of. You have been blessed with a beautiful and loving family.

(((HUGS))) to all of you... KEEP smiling, know that you are in my thoughts daily. How about a donut???

Take care all,

letstalkauction said...

It's Amazing what Children can do!
Winter you are Awesome!

I don't always have time to check blog as much as I'm thinking about all of you.
Still have Micheal (with hair) posted on our board at Auction Acres. Should update that for all to see Michael & Winter and all the accomplishment the family went threw.

Through these tough times you are drawing your family closer, Don't give Up. This will all be worth something at the end of Recovery! Good Health and Family - What more.

So many days of struggle they will soon be behind you but what it has left behind will be a bond that will last forever.

I know it's got to be near impossible to keep your spirits up, keeping the humor in things, laughing and being happy are so important in helping the healing and mind set of things. Find laughter for all whenever possible.

Dawn for you go out and get in that snow plow truck and go like he... get some of that frustration out with this much snow what could you possibly hurt : )

Was just down state and was not a lick of snow - can you imagine as much as we have and they did not have any in fact was just told they were getting rain our last snow fall of how many inches??

Anyways you all are so often in my thoughts & prayers. The days go by so fast Recovery will be coming soon. Keep Positive.


Karen said...

To the Vinecki Family,
You are all in my prayers. Michael, fight no matter what you are told - please fight. Everyone reading this - pray, pray, pray and then pray some more. It is proven that prayers in numbers have results. Winter, you are a gift from Heaven and chosen to be an inspiration to millions. Stay positive and strong.
You have wonderful/beautiful children Michael. You must know that by now.
If there is anything you will allow a stranger to do for you, please ask. I will be happy to assist in any way. My son is in Winter's class, so we're not really strangers after all!
Stay strong. May God's love surround you like a favorite blanket.
Karen Campbell

Becky said...

I hope this Holiday season was blessed...

I know you and your family are busy trying to be normal...

I hope that you are succeeding...

God bless...


Keep Smilin'


SteveS said...

Mike, I just heard from John Zelasko about your new 'hobby' and you can blow me over with a feather- that's saying a lot because I'm bigger than I was the last time we saw each other. What's it been? Twenty-something years? I wish it was all muscle. Looking at the pictures and seeing your smiling face I'm amazed you haven't changed one bit- other than having less hair. I'm very impressed with your daughter and everything she is doing for you and for the prostate cancer cause. In fact, your whole family is remarkable! In spite of the cancer, you are a blessed man. I have a lot of fond memories from when I played with you guys and Marion Lush. I still tell some of the funny stories. I don't tell every story because some things are better left in the past. If you get a chance, it would be great to hear from you. If you don't, I understand and that's cool. My family and I (my wife Donna, and our 6 children) will keep you and your family in our prayers. God bless. Steve Sacha

Calhoons said...

Hey guys,,,, we are still praying... Don't lose hope. God can do great things, but no matter what He's got it all under control. God Bless,,,

Troy and Tonya Calhoon, and kids...