Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adding Tubes

Well.... Mayo went well a week and a half ago.  As well as can be expected. The liver abscess seemed to be healing well so they decided to pull the final remaining tube Michael had. (that was short lived..)  CT didn't show any  new tumor, which is a welcome comfort to Michael for the time being.  There is a new spot, very small- 5-6mm, on the lung that they aren't quite sure about.  It is too deep to biopsy so they are just going to watch it.  Last Friday Michael started to have a lot of pain in his liver again so I had a CT done which showed his cavity in the liver that previously had the tube in it, had filled back up with "yucky" stuff.  It was significant enough that the Dr's at Mayo thought it would be best to reinsert the tube.  Luckily for us it could be done locally so we didn't have to travel back to Mayo.  It was a rough weekend for Michael, the tube causes a lot of irritation and pain.  NO hunting for Michael.  Guess the wife has hunting duties to fill the freezer for the family.  And this snowplowing thing should be easy... just drop the blade and go like h----, at least that's what it looked like Michael did last year.  These hallucinations Michael has on pain medicine are getting pretty good....who needs late night TV!!
Sorry about the humor, but sometimes that is all you are left with to deal with the day to day.

We are holding off on any reattempts at Chemo at this point.  His liver is not healthy enough to be tortured by that and neither is Michael.  The kids are doing great.  Swim season has started and it is so exciting watching the boys tackle this new adventure this year.  All four kids are swimming, including their 2 cousins.  Between them, they can almost completely make up their own relay teams.  Soon all four kids will be either skiing or swimming every night and every Sat/Sun.  How fun is that as a parent??

Team Winter is up and running.  Incredible things have happened in the last month which I will post soon (yeah, I know....define soon-----soon in my book is "when I get to it").

I just wanted to briefly take 10 minutes out of my sleep to update you on Michael's status.  He is sleeping as we speak and probably wishes I would get off the computer.  I have had many requests recently to update the blog so here I am.  WE appreciate the huge volume of prayers that are going out, the homemade healthy food people are sharing with us and the love that surrounds us on a daily basis.  We are grateful for every day.

Dawn, Michael & Kids


KennyLindsay said...

That was the most optimistic post yet!

Complications indeed with the liver but the evidence is clear that Michael is clearly winning this long battle.

I thank God for giving each and every one of us hope that one day soon Michael will be the poster guy that gives so many others the inspiration to fight and win no matter how lousy the deck of cards are that need to be played.

It's fitting that Michael went to Vegas. My man hit the jackpot with his family, friends, courage and determination.

Today the smiles got a little bit bigger.

Matt Thornton said...

Sorry to read about the tube in and out, but at least they caught it early, and you didn't have to go to Mayo!!!

Lung spot, well, that's a bummer, but there's a reason we have 2 if needed! Am confident it will be "nothing more" than something to occupy their time and charge for it...


You aren't missing much with the deer hunting this year in my experience... All but 2.5 hrs in the stand the opener, saw NOTHING brown :-(. Sunday a.m. had a small buck & 5 does near, but all on the neighbors. Everyone has been slow here with the weird weather.

Hope to get out later this week/weekend. If I get lucky, will bring some loin &/or round to Convention for you... You just need to show up ;)

All for now. Keep the spirits up.


Darren Ritch said...

I am sorry to hear about the tube and about the spot on the lung. I have kept Michael and you guys in my prayers since we met in Orlando. We will pray that the spot on the lung goes away and the tube will be removed sooner than later! I feel very blessed to have met you guys in Orlando, Michael's attitude and courage through this and your family and friends support have been a true inspiration to me. My recover has been so easy compared to what Michael has gone through and wish I could help in some way. The only way I know how is to continue along side of you creating awareness and raising money to find a cure for this disease. Hang in there and we will keep praying for Michael and you ALL. I am also glad you have such great kids and have all the activities they are doing. You guys are doing a great job raising your kids!

Darren Ritch

heidimw said...

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We are blessed and thankful for your continued fight and bringing awareness of prostrate cancer across the nation.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday/break with your family and friends. Have many laughs or DONUTS!!!

"Time to make the donuts..." (Now, that is dating us??? EH???)

Heidi (Hella)

tdwiltjer said...

Happy Thanksgiving Vinecki Family! We've been keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Let's all pray that you'll be rid of those tubes, spots and lesions by Christmas...wouldn't that be awesome, huh?!?! I do hope you are planning to come down the conference in January..even if it's only for a day, we'd all be thrilled to see you. We miss you! Bring your family! The kids can go on the tour to the Detroit Science Museum, so they won't really be "skipping" school:)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Tricia Wiltjer

shezabelle said...

Thanksgiving greetings from the West of Ireland!!

I was reminded to visit the blog as I just received an email that Winter has "friended" me on Facebook. I thought I'd peek in on your progress before I accept her 'friendship'!

It sounds like things are stablising, which is 'grand', as they say over here. I'm teaching my last class tomorrow from 5-7pm (that's 12-2pm, your time). Then, off to my local pub where they are serving turkey dinner for Thanksgiving to raise money for charity. It's great 'craic' (pronounced, 'crack') and means 'fun', 'a good time'. Many times you will run into someone and they will say, 'What's the craic?', like we say 'What's going on? What's up?'

Remember this: what rhymes with 'tube'? 'Boob'!! Hee hee! OK bye for now. Wishing you a superfantastic Thanksgiving!
xxx, Shelley Troupe